Evidence Collection

Evidence Collection Guidelines

  • Evidence Collection Guidelines: Blood Stains, Seminal Stains, Hair, Fibers and Threads, Glass, Paint, Flammable Liquids, Firearms Evidence, Tool Marks, Controlled Substances and Medicinal Preparations, Questioned Documents, Latent Fingerprints

Evidence Collection Manuals

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Evidence Collection Bulletins

Video Presentations on Evidence Collection

Latent Fingerprints
Impression and Tool Mark Evidence

Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Crime Scene Procedures

  • Crime Scene Procedures, Indiana State Police
      Contact at the Scene
      Preliminary Survey or Crime Scene Walk-Through
      Scene Search for Trace Evidence
      Scene Search for Biological Evidence
      Crime Scene Photography
         Biological Evidence
      Case Files/Notes
      Evidence Collection
      Collection Methods
      Evidence Marking and Packaging
      Establishing the Chain of Custody

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