Field Evidence Manual — New Jersey State Police

New Jersey State Police
Investigative Branch
Office of Forensic Sciences


This manual has been written by personnel from the Office of Forensic Sciences and the Evidence Management, Ballistics and Crime Scene Investigations Units of the Forensic Investigations Bureau, Special Investigations Section, Investigative Branch of the New Jersey State Police with the following objectives:

  • To provide law enforcement agencies investigating matters within the State of New Jersey with an overview of forensic services offered by the New Jersey State Police.

  • To offer guidelines for collecting, preserving and submitting physical evidence to the laboratory for examination.

The importance of physical evidence in a case cannot be underestimated. The credibility and integrity of the evidence are directly predicated upon the proper handling of the evidence from its initial observance through presentation in court.

The evidence procedures in this manual have been developed for the purpose of providing the investigator with a working knowledge of physical evidence handling. As such, this manual should be considered as a guideline of procedures relative to the handling of physical evidence.

It is not feasible to outline procedures for every scenario involving physical evidence. Specific information relating to the handling of evidence should be directed to the laboratory serving the submitting agency.

The Manual

Read/download the manual (42 pages)

Read the manual (42 pages)

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Article posted March 3, 2015

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