Crime Scene Response

Crime Scene Response Guidelines

  • Overview

  • Personnel Duties and Responsibilities
      Team Leader
      Photographer and Photographic Log Recorder
      Sketch Preparer
      Evidence Recorder/Custodian

  • Organization and Procedures for Search Operations
      Basic Stages in a Search
      Approach Scene
      Secure and Protect Scene
      Initiate Preliminary Survey
      Evaluate Physical Evidence Possibilities
      Prepare Narrative Description
      Photograph Scene
      Prepare diagram/sketch of scene
      Conduct Detailed Search/Record, and Collect Physical Evidence
      Conduct Final Survey
      Release Crime Scene

  • Documentation Procedures
      Administrative Worksheet
      Narrative Description
      Photographic Log
      Evidence Recovery Log
      Latent Print Lift Log

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and Responsibilities, European Network of Forensic Science Institutes
      First officer attending
      First police supervisor
      Crime Scene Examiner
      Forensic Pathologist
      Crime Scene Manager
      Scientific Support Coordinator
      Senior investigator
      Forensic Scientist
      Other experts
      Forensic Medical Examiner
      Firearms/Ballistic experts
      Plan drawer
      Exhibits officer
      Coroner's Officer

Crime Scene Procedures

  • Crime Scene Procedures, Indiana State Police
      Contact at the Scene
      Preliminary Survey or Crime Scene Walk-Through
      Scene Search for Trace Evidence
      Scene Search for Biological Evidence
      Crime Scene Photography
            Biological Evidence
      Case Files/Notes
      Evidence Collection
      Collection Methods
      Evidence Marking and Packaging
      Establishing the Chain of Custody

  • Best Practice Manual for Scene of Crime Examination, European Network of Forensic Science Institutes
      Undertaking initial actions at the scene
      Developing a scene examination strategy
      Undertaking scene examination
      Interpreting scene findings and ordering further examination
      Reporting findings

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