Video Presentations

Crime Scene Investigation and Documentation

Processing the Crime Scene

This presentation on processing the crime scene includes where to start; prioritizing the collection of evidence; crime scene search methods; collection and submitting evidence; and crime scene reconstruction.

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Crime Scene Documentation

Learn how crime scenes are documented with photographs, sketches, and notes, forms and reports.

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Crime Scene Sketching

This demonstration on creating a crime sketch includes taking measurements; creating a rough sketch; and producing the final diagram.

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Crime Scene Reconstruction

This video includes the importance of crime scene reconstruction and when it should be considered in the investigation of crime scenes. It also includes distance determinations in firearms cases and a demonstration on using rods, strings and lasers for bullet trajectory reconstruction.

Using Strings and Lasers for Bullet Trajectories

This video is a demonstration on the use of rods, strings and lasers in the determination and illustration of bullet trajectories