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Crime Scene Response

Crime Scene Response Guidelines

  • Overview

  • Personnel Duties and Responsibilities
      Team Leader
      Photographer and Photographic Log Recorder
      Sketch Preparer
      Evidence Recorder/Custodian

  • Organization and Procedures for Search Operations
      Basic Stages in a Search
      Approach Scene
      Secure and Protect Scene
      Initiate Preliminary Survey
      Evaluate Physical Evidence Possibilities
      Prepare Narrative Description
      Photograph Scene
      Prepare diagram/sketch of scene
      Conduct Detailed Search/Record, and Collect Physical Evidence
      Conduct Final Survey
      Release Crime Scene

  • Documentation Procedures
      Administrative Worksheet
      Narrative Description
      Photographic Log
      Evidence Recovery Log
      Latent Print Lift Log

Crime Scene Procedures

  • Crime Scene Procedures, National Forensic Science Technology
      Contact at the Scene
      Preliminary Survey or Crime Scene Walk-Through
      Scene Search for Trace Evidence
      Scene Search for Biological Evidence
      Crime Scene Photography
         Biological Evidence
      Case Files/Notes
      Evidence Collection
      Collection Methods
      Evidence Marking and Packaging
      Establishing the Chain of Custody

Crime Scene Response Articles

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