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Crime Scene Technician

Richardson Police Department, Richardson, Texas

Salary: $3,620.00 to $5,654.00 per month

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

This position is eligible for up to $2,500 incentive pay

Under supervision, collect evidence at crime scenes, both physical and photographic. Maintain fingerprint records, compare latents, and identify persons through finger and palm prints. Process items from crime scenes for prints. Provide witness testimony in court. Perform other related work as required.

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  • Compose in narrative form and/or drawings descriptive reports recording the details of a crime scene investigation, evidence processing, and investigative assignments.
  • Communicate courteously and effectively in English, in both written and verbal form, with other city employees, employees of other agencies, officials, and the public.
  • Fingerprint persons by rolling impressions of their inked fingers and palms.
  • Perform close eye work to classify ten-print cards of rolled fingerprint impressions in AFIS, Henry and/or NCIC systems, and comparison of latent prints.
  • File and retrieve ten-print fingerprint cards using the Henry system of fingerprint classification.
  • Interpret fingerprint classification from/to the NCIC system from/to the Henry system.
  • Mix and use chemicals used in processing evidence and photographs.
  • Understand, set up, and operate various types of camera equipment.
  • Prepare and file written supplementary reports of all investigations, complete with attachments of negatives, photos and drawings completed as required, filed by a numerical system in standard file cabinets.
  • Use associated chemicals and laser light instrument to recover latent prints as well as trace evidence.
  • Lift and carry items weighing as much as 75 pounds.
  • Climb ladders and stairs.
  • Set up and operate portable lighting equipment and generator. Use hand tools such as hammers, saws, pliers, electric drills, scissors, tweezers, and forceps in the recovery and processing of evidential items.
  • Use measuring tapes, rulers, and roll-a-tape to measure and record the location of objects and proximity to other objects at a scene.
  • Complete mathematical calculations in yards, feet, inches, fractions of inches and percentages.
  • Work in close proximity to dead bodies in various stages of putrefaction to recover and record evidence, photographing and videotaping the scene.
  • Assist in the moving and/or recovery of dead bodies by lifting, pulling, dragging, and rolling (150 pounds).
  • Lift, carry and store supplies or equipment into storage cabinets and shelves, 6 ft. above floor level.
  • Operate a computer and associated imaging software and hardware.
  • Load and unload equipment or impounded items in and out of a vehicle.
  • Instruct classes for Police Officers, Volunteers and others in fingerprint and crime scene work.
  • Train other Crime Scene Technicians, investigators, and officers in various subjects and equipment use, as assigned.
  • Squat, stoop, kneel and/or crawl in locating and recovering items of evidence from under, behind larger items or in tight restrictive spaces.
  • Work indoors/outdoors in extreme temperatures and in all weather conditions.
  • Operate a city vehicle.
  • Must not pose a threat to the health or safety of self or others.
  • Testify in court as expert witness regarding police identification matters.
  • Be flexible as to duty hours and call-outs as required.
  • Operate the Automated Fingerprint Identification System to develop candidate lists for conducting comparisons to identify individuals and latent prints.


  • High school graduate or G.E.D required.
  • Valid Texas Driver's License, Class C, required.
  • Ability to obtain certificates or other acceptable documentation required to certify satisfactory completion of approved formal training in crime scene searches, fingerprint classification, latent print comparison, and photography.
  • Must successfully pass an AFIS certification test (both latent and ten-print requirements) administered by designated agency within 14 months of hire.
  • One (1) year prior general work experience
  • OR
  • a (4) four-year college degree, preferably in a forensic science related field.

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Posted: December 1, 2022

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