Digital Camera Quick Reference Guide

Erika Di Palma, Yvette Gonzalez and Roger W. Vargo
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Scientific Services Bureau

This interactive guide covers the following topics:

  • General crime scene photography
  • Night time available light photography
  • 2D shoe impressions
  • 2D latent/patent impressions
  • 3D shoe and tire track impressions
  • Painting with light - Insufficient light or large area
  • Alternate light source photography - Photography of seminal fluid
  • Luminol photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Depth of field, shutter speed and ISO chart

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has made this interactive PDF available free of charge. The PDF may be saved on your smartphone for access at a crime scene.

Read/download the Quick Reference Guide

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Article posted December 6, 2016

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