Classification and Uses of Finger Prints


Sir E. R. Henry

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The first edition of this work was published by request of the Government of India; subsequent editions at the instance of the Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Owing to the extension of the Finger Print system of identification, the present edition has been prepared to meet the call for such a book of reference.

It is divided into two Parts, over two hundred diagrams being provided to illustrate the letterpress. Inset headings to paragraphs and the Index will, it is hoped, facilitate search for information.

Part I. contains the definitions by means of which any finger impression can be accurately described and explained, when two prints are brought under examination, the numerous points in each that should be compared with a view to establishing identity or dissimilarity.

Part II. contains an account of the system of classification, the full scheme of which is set out in the Synopsis.

Endeavour has been made to compress the letterpress into the smallest space compatible with clearness and completeness of description.

lst March, 1913.

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