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Steven Staggs

January 8, 2016

The Crime Scene Investigator is a new blog on the Crime Scene Investigator Network. This blog will be a place for my thoughts, observations and experiences in the area of forensic science commonly referred to as Crime Scene Investigations.

I should introduce myself and give you some of my background. I am Steven Staggs and I am the founder and Webmaster for the Crime Scene Investigator Network. The Crime Scene Investigator Network website has been in existence since 2000 and has over 200,000 visitors per month. It is the world's most popular CSI and forensic science website.

I spent 32 years in law enforcement and for several years was as a detective assigned to work as the Crime Scene Investigator and Property Room Manager for the Police Department. During my years as a Crime Scene Investigator I worked all sorts of crime scenes, from simple burglaries to homicides. After serving as a Detective I moved into management and managed the police investigations unit (including crime scene investigations).

Shortly after I began working as a Crime Scene Investigator I began to teach crime scene and evidence photography to new crime scene investigators at a California State University in Southern California. I taught there (part-time) for 23 years and trained over 3,500 crime scene investigators. In 1995 I began teaching (part-time) for the University of California in what developed into a CSI Certificate program. In that program I have trained hundreds of students in the areas of Crime Scene Management, Fingerprint and Impression Evidence, and Crime Scene Photography. I continue to teach in the CSI Certificate program and enjoy helping students understand and learn the concepts and techniques of crime scene investigation.

Along the way I appeared several times on the Discovery Channel's Unsolved History program as a CSI expert and have written two books, the Crime Scene and Evidence Photographer's Guide (a CSI field guide book in its second edition) and Crime Scene and Evidence Photography (a college textbook in its second edition).

Well, that certainly is more than enough information about me. I look forward to your comments as I blog about crime scene investigations.

Steven Staggs

Steve, a retired crime scene investigator, is the webmaster of the Crime Scene Investigator Network, a crime scene investigations instructor at a University in California, and the author of crime scene photography books and articles.