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Basic Crime Scene and Evidence Photography Kit

Basic Crime Scene and
Evidence Photography Kit

From the
Crime Scene and Evidence Photographer's Guide
Second Edition
Copyright ©2005

Crime Scene Photography Kit

  1. Camera

  2. Normal lens (a 50mm lens is considered a normal lens for a 35mm camera)

  3. Wide angle lens (28mm or similar for a 35mm camera)

  4. Close-up lenses or accessories (e.g., macro lens, 1:1 adapter, extension tubes, bellows, reversing ring, or close up filters)

  5. Filters (red, orange, yellow, blue, and green)

  6. Electronic flash

  7. Remote sync cord for electronic flash (to operate flash when not mounted on camera)

  8. Extra camera and flash batteries

  9. Locking cable release

  10. Tripod

  11. Film (color and black and white print film)

  12. Owner's manuals for camera and flash

  13. Notebook and pen

  14. Scales

  15. ABFO #2 scale (injury photography)

  16. Gray card (to aid in getting accurate exposures)

  17. Index cards and felt pen

  18. Flashlight

Other equipment that should be considered

  1. Telephoto lenses (135mm, telephoto zoom lens for surveillance photography)

  2. Supplementary light meter for low light level readings

  3. Small tools for emergency camera repairs

  4. Blocks of wood, clothespins, and other devices for positioning evidence for close-up photography

  5. White handkerchief or other flash diffusion material

  6. Levels

  7. Tape measure

  8. Color chart or color control patches (injury photography)

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