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Crime Scene Equipment Checklist

What is in your crime scene response vehicle? Below is a list of suggested crime scene equipment and supplies found in the publication Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement (2013).

Essential Equipment

  • Bindle paper
  • Biohazard bags
  • Body fluid collection kit
  • Camera with flash and tripod; extra film, if not digital; extra flash memory cards, if digital
  • Casting materials
  • Consent/search forms
  • Crime scene barricade tape
  • Cutting instruments (knives, box cutter, scalpel, scissors, etc.)
  • Directional marker/compass
  • Disinfectant (such as a 10% bleach solution)
  • Evidence collection containers including rigid containers for firearms and ammunition boxes, pie boxes with sheet cotton for document recovery; manila folders
  • Evidence identifiers (numbers, placards)
  • Evidence seals/tape
  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • High-intensity lights
  • Latent print kit
  • Magnifying glass
  • Measuring devices
  • Permanent markers
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Photographic scale (ruler)
  • Presumptive blood test supplies
  • Sketch paper
  • Tool kit
  • Tweezers/forceps
  • Window screen fabric in rolls or sheets

Optional Equipment

  • Audiotape recorder
  • Bloodstain pattern examination kit
  • Business cards
  • Chalk
  • Chemical enhancement supplies
  • Compass
  • Entomology (insect) collection kit
  • Extension cords
  • Flares
  • Forensic light source (alternate light source, UV lamp/laser, goggles)
  • Generator
  • Gunshot residue kit
  • Laser trajectory kit
  • Maps
  • Marking paint/snow wax
  • Metal detector
  • Mirror
  • Phone listing (important numbers)
  • Privacy screens
  • Protrusion rod set
  • Reflective vest
  • Refrigeration or cooling unit
  • Respirators with filters
  • Roll of string.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Sexual assault evidence collection kit (victim and suspect)
  • Shoe print lifting equipment
  • Templates (scene and human)
  • Thermometer
  • Traffic cones
  • Trajectory rods
  • Video recorder
  • Wireless phone

Evidence Collection Kits

  • Blood Collection Kit
    • Bindle
    • Coin envelopes
    • Disposable scalpels
    • Distilled water or single use sterile water droppers
    • Evidence identifiers
    • Drying box
    • Latex gloves
    • Photographic ruler (ABFO scales)
    • Presumptive chemicals
    • Swabs
  • Fingerprint Kit

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Crime Scene/Evidence Technician
Pflugerville Police Department, Pflugerville, Texas, USA

Final Filing Date: Open until filled
Respond to crime scenes, gather, process, sketch, and photograph physical evidence and crime scene. Assure that evidence is collected and stored according to policy.
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Frisco Police Department, Frisco, Texas, USA

Final Filing Date: Open until filled
The Criminalist will respond to crime scenes and perform technical investigations that involve the identification, collection, preservation, packaging and analysis of evidence.
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Forensic Scientist II - Biology/DNA
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Final Filing Date: December 13, 2017
Incumbents perform a variety of scientific laboratory examinations and analyses on physical evidence in Biology/DNA at a Forensic Laboratory, interpret test results, formulate conclusions, and prepare reports. Incumbents also provide scientific assistance to external parties and testify in court as an expert witness.
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Crime Laboratory Analyst - Digital Evidence
Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Final Filing Date: December 31, 2017
Analysts in the Digital Evidence section conduct detailed laboratory examination and analysis of computer evidence involved in criminal cases at the request of law enforcement agencies.
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Forensic Scientist Trainee, Latent Prints
Nassau County Medical Examiner, Division of Forensic Services, East Meadow, New York, USA

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Participates, under the direct supervision of a higher level Forensic Scientist in the Latent Print Section, in a program of study that will enable the incumbent to become proficient in Latent Print Processing and Comparisons.
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Police Property & Evidence Specialist
Oviedo Police Department, Oviedo, Florida, USA

Final Filing Date: December 6, 2017
Manages, maintains, organizes, examines and evaluates all criminal evidence and property submissions from all Sworn personnel to ensure they are accurate and conform with Florida Statutes and policies; corrects errors and discrepancies.
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