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Crime Scene Procedures

Indiana State Police

Contact at the Scene

Upon arrival at the crime scene, the crime scene investigator will make contact with either the detective/officer who requested the crime scene processing services, or with the detective/officer assigned to oversee or manage the crime scene.

1) Information exchange.

After contact with the detective or officer in charge of the crime scene, the crime scene investigator will obtain the following information:

  • Agency case number assigned to the investigation.
  • Type of agency investigation.
  • Exact location of the scene.
  • Detective and reporting officer’s names and identification numbers.
  • Names of victim(s) and personal information, if needed.

Additional information may be required due to the type of crime scene investigation including the following:

  • Suspect information.
  • Vehicle(s) information.
  • Witness names.
  • Additional crime scene locations.

2) Scene processing request or specific directions.

  • Each crime scene investigation is unique, and as such, the establishment of a clear and direct method of communicating scene information is required.
  • Crime scene investigators will discuss with the detective, or officer in charge of the crime scene, information regarding the type of investigation that is under way. Any relevant information regarding the processing of the scene and any specific scene-processing directions or evidence collection should be made known prior to scene entry.
  • In any crime scene investigation, new or additional information may be developed from outside the scene by the investigating agency. When new or additional information is developed concerning the crime scene, the agency should communicate that information to the crime scene investigator. This new or additional information may cause the crime scene investigator to make changes in scene processing such as expanding to other areas and additional items of evidence or narrowing the scope of the scene and items of evidence.
  • Crime scene investigators may develop additional information while processing the scene that may support the agency's theory or may be in conflict with statements made by individuals involved in the investigation. In either case, the crime scene investigator advises the detective or officer in charge of the crime scene of findings so the agency can proceed with its investigation.

Preliminary Survey or Crime Scene Walk-Through

A preliminary survey or walk-through of the crime scene with the detective or officer in charge should take place after the exchange of information. The investigator establishes a path to enter and exit the scene, avoiding the pathway used by the suspect, if possible, and preserving the scene from possible contamination. During this walk-through the crime scene investigator will do the following:

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This Month's Featured Resource on the Crime Scene Investigator Network Website

This updated Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide to Law Enforcement is a revision of the original publication published in January 2000, and borrows heavily from that work. The resulting document includes detailed procedural guides for the complete range of crime scene investigation tasks — from securing the scene to submitting the evidence. This publication provides law enforcement professionals and first responders step-by-step guidance in this crucial first phase of the justice process.

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New CSI and Forensic Job Announcements

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Forensic Specialist Trainee
Hampton Police Department, Hampton, Virginia, USA

Final Filing Date: September 16, 2016
Learn to perform a wide range of detailed technical work in the collection, identification and classification of physical evidence gathered from crime scenes.
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Supervising Evidence Technician
Stockton Police Department, Stockton, California, USA

Final Filing Date: September 23, 2016
Responsible for the coordination and supervision of crime evidence collection, evidence processing, and other City/Department activities relating to public education on crime evidence preservation and collection.
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Forensic Biology Analyst
Indian River Crime Laboratory, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

Final Filing Date: September 19, 2016
Performing serological examinations and PCR-based DNA analysis on exhibits submitted to the laboratory, interpretation of analytical results, preparation of case reports, expert witness testimony, technical and administrative review of casework,and participation in internal validation projects as well as the training of local law enforcement in the collection and submission of evidence.
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Forensic Scientist I-III (Digital Multimedia Evidence/Computer Forensics)
Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas, USA

Final Filing Date: September 22, 2016
Learns how to evaluate digital media using special software, and how to protect digital data from loss during the examination process. Learns how to properly report examination results, and participates in mock trials to develop testifying skills. Testifies in court about the results of analyses and examinations when required.
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Police Property Technician
Richmond Police Department, Richmond, California, USA

Final Filing Date: September 21, 2016
Responsible for the receipt, security, control and maintenance of all incoming property and other items of evidence; to protect the integrity of evidence throughout the judicial process; to provide lead supervision to staff assigned to the property room; and to perform related duties as required.
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Deputy Coroner Level I/II
Sacramento County's Coroner's Office, Sacramento, California, USA

Final Filing Date: September 20, 2016
Incumbents conduct investigations to determine the jurisdiction, circumstances, manner and cause of deaths which occur within the jurisdiction of the Sacramento County's Coroner's Office.
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