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Welcome to the September 2011 Crime Scene Investigator Network Newsletter

The Use of Ballistic Markers
and Other Equipment for Identification
of a Suspect at the Scene of the Crime

MC Enrique Urrutia Palmer

Forensic Criminologist

A few months ago a couple was at a place near the beach having sex when they were surprised by a thief with a knife. The thief began looting their belongings such as cellular phones, wallets, and jewelry.

After this, the attacker threatened the couple and the man was restrained. He forced the lady into having sex with him, but the assailant did not ejaculate. The attacker fled the scene and dropped all the belongings of the couple in several areas near the crime scene. It is worth mentioning that on the night of the events, the night rain removed any impression that may have been used as the identification of the perpetrator.

After the aggressor fled, the couple ran to the nearest road and found a highway patrol. The highway patrol started the search for the suspect. A subject with the same characteristics of the suspect, 20 years old according to the statements of victims, was arrested in the vicinity of the attack.

Among the physical evidence found at the scene, little could be collected as the rain that night completely deleted all fingerprints and shoe impressions at the scene and the objects found in it. The chemical analysis of the rape victim found semen but it was the semen of the partner with whom sex was consensual. The only thing that the prosecution had was the testimony of the victims indicated that the suspect was the person who had attacked that night.

To corroborate the above it was necessary to turn the testimony into physical, tangible evidence that could or could not illustrate his credibility at the trial. That is why I was named by the court to clarify doubts about the identification of the suspect. It was necessary to analyze and observe the crime scene in the daylight. On a hill was an area with a cement floor, a destroyed wooden roof, and a concrete perimeter surrounded by tall grass. At the bottom of the hill was the beach.

For the development of this technique was necessary to have the following equipment:

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*Article submitted by the author.

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Learn How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

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Crime Scene Technician  |  Henderson, NV
Final Filing Date: September 22, 2011
Salary: $26.56 - $30.41 per hour

Under general supervision, responds to crime scenes and performs a broad range of investigative tasks to document the crime scene including taking photographs, recovering and processing evidence; and performs related duties as assigned.

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Scientific Support Unit Specialist  |  Kent County, MI Sheriff's Department
Final Filing Date: September 23, 2011
Salary: $22.33 per hour

This is a highly skilled forensic position with responsibility for the proper collection and preservation of evidence. The successful candidate will locate, collect, process and catalogue evidence from crime scenes and will prepare written reports and testify in court as to the collection and chain of custody of evidence. Will be responsible for the maintenance and decontamination of laboratory equipment to industry standards.
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Latent Examiner   |  Osceola County, FL Sheriff's Office
Final Filing Date: October 1, 2011
Salary: $32,805 - $51,120 per year

The Latent Examiner demonstrates acceptable evidence collection techniques so as to ensure the integrity of the collected evidence pursuant to certified laboratory guidelines and requirements. The employee evaluates latent prints for comparative quality and determines if latent prints meet criteria required for AFIS comparison. The employee conducts latent print comparison analysis; ensuring positive identification meets the minimum ridge characteristic requirements. The employee prepares and submits to the appropriate personnel accurate results reports for latent comparison.

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Medico-Legal Investigator Supervisor  |  Pinal County, AZ
Final Filing Date: Open until filled
Salary: $51,854.40 - $54,496.00 per year

This position is responsible for the planning, directing, and coordinating the activities of the Medical Examiner's Office to ensure goals and objectives are accomplished. Incumbents at this level will be responsible for planning, assigning, and reviewing the work of a group of employees, as well as selecting, training, and disciplining individual employees. Additional responsibilities include coordinating the daily activities, development and implementation of departmental procedures pertaining to investigations and autopsy examinations.

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Latent Print Section Supervisor  |  Austin, TX Police Department
Final Filing Date: Open until filled
Salary: Beginning salary range is between $44,700 and $58,177 depending on experience.

Under minimal direction this position is responsible for the daily operations of the Latent Print Section which encompasses the work of six Latent Print Examiners and two APFIS Technicians.

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Criminalist  |  Plano, TX
Final Filing Date: Open until filled
Salary: Minimum $21.26 per hour

The Criminalist is responsible for performing basic chemical, physical, and optical scientific techniques to locate physical evidence; and to recover, compare, and identify fingerprints left at a crime scene.

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