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Latent Blood Prints
Methods For Chemical Enhancement

Don Penven

Blood is often found on various surfaces at crime scenes where physical violence occurred. Therefore, blood acts as a transfer medium for latent fingerprints and shoeprints. On some occasions the blood residue retains enough color and detail to permit direct photographic recovery, but generally the blood marks are too faint to permit photography using conventional light sources.

In a report published by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Forensic Services. scientists conducted significant research indicating that certain reagents may be introduced to the visible stains or areas suspected of containing latent blood impressions.

For many years, forensic scientists have used reagents such as Leucomalachite or Ninhydrin to develop blood stains, but both of these substances have a tendency to run off or distort the prints on non-porous surfaces. On the other hand, Amido Black has proven to be quite useful.

This article reviews three popular methods for blood print enhancement: Amido Black, Leuco Crystal Violet (LCV) and Hungarian Red

Amino Black Latent Print

Amido Black
Amido black is very sensitive and works well on non-porous surfaces but its high background color (light to medium blue) compromises contrast on multi-colored porous surfaces.

Amido Black is a protein stain, and as such should not be considered as even a presumptive test for blood, let alone a confirmatory test. The protein may be present in other body fluids, in addition to blood. However, other actual presumptive tests may be successful after the application of amido black.

The Amido Black staining solution can be methanol-or water-based. Amido Black in methanol has a greater staining power, but due to the toxicity of the methanol, it is also more dangerous. For use on a crime scene (for example, shoeprints in blood) the water-based staining solution is advised.

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*Article submitted by the author

New CSI and Forensic Job Announcements

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Computer Forensic Specialist  |  Ohio Attorney General
Final Filing Date: January 31, 2013
Salary: $22.74 - $36.59 Hourly

The Office of the Ohio Attorney General is seeking a Computer Forensic Specialist in the Cyber Crimes Unit of the BCI/London Section.

<View complete job listing>
Crime Scene Investigator  |  Huntington Beach (CA) Police Department
Final Filing Date: February 3, 2013
Salary: $4,810.00 - $5,959.00 Monthly

With general supervision, conducts investigations on crime scenes, deaths, serious traffic accidents, industrial accidents and other crimes; documents and gathers evidence; and performs other duties as required within the scope of the classification.
<View complete job listing>
Evidence Technician  |  Killeen (TX) Police Department
Final Filing Date: February 3, 2013
Salary: $11.88 Hourly
This position is responsible for examining, evaluating, and comparing fingerprints with known suspects. Independent judgment is required for the technical aspects of this position that works under the general supervision of the Crime Scene Unit Supervisor.

<View complete job listing>

Fingerprint and Footwear Examiner  |  State of Wisconsin Department Of Justice
Final Filing Date: February 6, 2013
Salary: Starting salary is $35,291 annually

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is currently recruiting for two entry-level Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners. One in our Madison Crime Laboratory and One in our Milwaukee Crime Laboratory. These positions participate in a 2-year training program. Both positions will train daily in the Milwaukee Crime Laboratory. Upon completion of the program, the Madison-based position will begin working in the Madison Crime Laboratory.

<View complete job listing>
Police Services Support Technician II (Latent Print Examiner)  |  Howard County Police Department, Maryland
Final Filing Date: February 8, 2013
Salary: $40,476.80-$65,395.20 per year

The Howard County Police Department in Howard County, Maryland is seeking a candidate to perform highly skilled technical work in the forensic field of identification. Work requires expert competency in the development and comparison of fragmentary latent impressions from physical evidence with the known finger, palm, or foot prints of suspect individuals and subsequent testimony in court. Work is performed with a minimum of supervision from an administrative superior. Assignments are performed in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. Contact with others frequently on a daily basis, including the general public, law enforcement officers, criminal justice personnel and officials of other government agencies.

<View complete job listing>
Forensic Lab Manager  |  City of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Final Filing Date: February 8, 2013
Salary: $76,026.60 - $105,333.80 Annually

Performs expert level professional forensic science work in managing the activities and staff of the Saint Paul Police Forensic Laboratory. Works with the Police Administration to develop strategic plans in the leadership of the forensics laboratory, directing personnel actions, and managing laboratory practices. Evaluates standards, defines procedural goals, and identifies technologic methodology. Manages the laboratory budget, including oversight of major purchases. Ensures consistent application of laboratory policies, procedures and guidelines, and adheres to accreditation standards. Upholds the ethical and legal standards of the department. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required.

<View complete job listing>
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CSI In The News

St. Paul crime lab: Troubled agency seeks forensic scientists
The St. Paul police crime lab will be seeking forensic scientists after the city council approved new job classifications Wednesday, Jan. 23.
Pioneer Press - by Mara H. Gottfried - January 23, 2013

CSI: Tennessee-Enter the World of Nuclear Forensics
Scientists are busy tracking the sources of stolen uranium in the hopes of deterring crime—and prevent the weapons getting into the wrong hands.
Smithsonian Media - by Joseph Stromberg - January , 2013

Met police use fingerprint scanners to identify suspects on the street
Police in London are using mobile fingerprint scanners that can detect suspects within two minutes.
London Evening Standard - by Justin Davenport - January 21, 2013

More CSI Students Choose Online Classes
With a new semester starting Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the College of Southern Idaho, more students will be taking classes from home.
Twin Falls Times-News - by Julie Wootton - January 21, 2013

Houston ahead of curve in forensic science
A look at the rest of the country on the intersection of law enforcement and science shows that while most police and prosecution agencies generally resist science as it applies to what they do, Houston has taken some rare steps forward.
Houston Chronical - by David A. Harris - January 18, 2013

New crime unit vehicle
A new crime scene unit is on the job for Decatur Police.
Wand TV - January 18, 2013

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