Employment Opportunity

Forensics Technician

Greenville Police Department, Greenville, North Carolina

Salary: $44,324.80 Annually

Final Filing Date: December 13, 2023

The City of Greenville is seeking a highly motivated and dynamic professional for the position of Forensic Technician. Under the general direction of the Police Department command staff, the Forensic Technician will perform technical work in collecting, preserving, and analyzing crime scene evidence and related police forensic responsibilities. Operates forensic vehicles and performs related work as required. All work is performed under general supervision and must adhere to the accreditation standards set by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board and the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD).

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Examples of Duties
  • Receive, photograph, and document packaged items;
  • Prepare needed equipment, chemicals, powders, lighting, etc.;
  • Prepare documentation related to the processing of evidence;
  • Maintain forensics lab equipment;
  • Analyze latent fingerprint lifts to determine identifiable properties;
  • Enter and search latent print records in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) as required;
  • Complete written reports documenting findings of an examination of latent evidence;
  • Prepare written reports and other documents to record all work performed for each case worked accurately;
  • Record all work in the department's information system;
  • Prepare documents for presentation in court as required;
  • Re-stock ID kits for Police Officers as needed;
  • Receive items for in-lab drying and examination;
  • Respond to requests for evidence from officers in preparation for trial;
  • Examine the evidence for other agencies upon request;
  • Respond to crime scenes to collect and document evidence;
  • Photograph crime scenes;
  • Package evidence for proper storage and examination;
  • Perform presumptive tests at the scene as needed;
  • Perform other tasks as required depending on the circumstances present at the crime scene;
  • Re-stock forensics vehicle supplies;
  • Clean and maintain vehicle equipment;
  • Perform routine maintenance of electrical tools;
  • Perform other duties and related work as assigned.

 Earn a Degree in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science, Computer Forensics or Forensic Psychology


Education and Experience:
  • Associate degree in forensics and investigative science, criminal justice, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, or a closely related field; and One year of experience in forensic work (preferred not required)
  • OR
  • High school diploma or GED; and 3 years of experience in forensic work, or a closely related field (required)
Preferred Qualifications: Certified by the International Association for Identification (IAI) in one or more of the following areas: (Preferred but not required)
  • Latent Print Examination
  • Crime Scene
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Forensic Photography
  • Forensic Video
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Footwear Examiner
  • Computer and cellular device forensics


Knowledge of:
  • methods and standards employed in forensic science.
  • techniques used in latent print processing, bloodstain pattern analysis, and other crime scene investigative procedures.
  • computer forensic imaging software.
  • trace evidence collection procedures.
  • cellular device analysis software.
  • Greenville Police Department and the City of Greenville policies and procedures.
Skilled in:
  • task of crime scene investigation and evidence collection.
  • the use of chemicals, powders, and alternate light sources used in the collection of evidence.
  • identification of print pattern matches.
Ability to:
  • prepare clear, concise, detailed, and accurate reports as needed.
  • engage in effective oral communication.
  • operate assigned equipment, including computer equipment and various software packages.
  • work cooperatively with City officials, other employees, and the general public.
  • work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.
  • perform a broad range of supervisory responsibilities over others.
Special Requirements
  • FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
  • Must currently possess a valid driver's license. (Note: A valid driver's license is a current driver's license that is not revoked, suspended, or subject to limited restoration or conditional operation privileges).
  • Eligible candidates must submit to an interview process, background checks, and drug screen.
  • Candidates who do not successfully complete the selection process are eligible to reapply for other City job vacancies.
  • The Selection process is typically completed within one to three months.
  • Applications will be reviewed after the posting is closed.

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Posted: November 14, 2023

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