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Forensic Technician I

Pima County Sheriff, Tucson, Arizona

Salary: $22.16 - $24.10 Hourly

Final Filing Date: Continuous

Identifies, gathers, secures, processes, and photographs physical evidence for investigations and prosecution of criminal and civil cases.

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  • Photographs crime and accident scenes, autopsies, assault victims, and suspects to record the condition and appearance of evidence as found;
  • Locates, identifies, collects, photographs, and preserves evidence at crime scenes using sophisticated photographic and evidence-gathering techniques;
  • Identifies, gathers, and secures physical evidence such as blood, body fluids, hair and fibers, firearms, and narcotics for laboratory testing as evidence in criminal and civil cases;
  • Safely and correctly handles potentially hazardous materials encountered in the performance of assigned duties;
  • Searches for, develops, and preserves latent prints at crime scenes and in the laboratory;
  • Photographs and fingerprints suspects, victims, witnesses, and applicants;
  • Produces plaster castings of tool marks and other impressions;
  • Searches for, retrieves, and provides security information on fingerprint cards and mug shots for law enforcement personnel and authorized agencies;
  • Establishes and maintains records to ensure proper chain of custody of physical evidence;
  • Offers technical testimony in criminal and civil cases;
  • Assists in securing crime scenes, and interacts with victims and witnesses;
  • Instructs law enforcement personnel in crime and accident scene photography and the collection and preservation of evidence and latent fingerprint processing;
  • Performs routine maintenance and repairs on equipment, and stocks supplies for identification vehicles;
  • Tests and evaluates new photographic and latent fingerprint techniques and equipment;
  • Utilizes computer programs to enlarge (1:1) photographs of latent fingerprints or for enhancement of photographs;
  • Downloads digital images from various types of media to an image management system;
  • Accepts vehicles to be impounded in the Department's impound lot;
  • Public relations and portrait photography;
  • May be required to operate a photographic laboratory;
  • May record, classify, and retrieve fingerprint cards from files;
  • May utilize specialized equipment for surveillance video enhancement.

 Earn a Degree in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science, Computer Forensics or Forensic Psychology


Knowledge of:
  • advanced photographic computer applications;
  • techniques for gathering and preserving evidence;
  • photographic techniques and methods including the use of a variety of film, lighting, filtration, and alternate light sources;
  • advanced techniques for development of fingerprints using powders and chemicals;
  • hazards and safety precautions related to materials, chemicals, and equipment used in the handling and processing of evidence and related materials;
  • rules of evidence, court methods, and procedures.
Skill in:
  • using photographic equipment (digital and film) including still and video cameras, and flash equipment in a variety of circumstances;
  • using advanced photographic computer applications;
  • developing and printing of color photographs;
  • collecting, securing, and processing evidence;
  • maintaining the chain-of-custody of evidentiary materials;
  • safely and correctly handling potentially hazardous materials encountered in the performance of assigned duties;
  • communicating effectively orally and in writing.
Minimum Qualifications
  • One year of work experience in a photographic field.
  • OR:
  • A certificate in Crime Scene Management, or a minimum of 30 semester credit hours, from an accredited university, college, or trade school in a natural science, criminal justice, or other closely related field as defined by the appointing authority at the time of recruitment.
  • (Relevant experience may substitute for the education requirement.)
Licenses and Certificates:
  • All positions require a valid Arizona Class D driver license at the time of application. The valid Arizona driver license shall be unencumbered by any ignition interlock restrictions. Failure to maintain the required licensure shall be grounds for termination.
Special Notice Items:
  • All positions require the successful completion of a background investigation by law enforcement agencies due to need for access to law enforcement, courts, detention and/or correctional facilities and associated confidential information, documents, communications, evidentiary, and like materials. Department of Labor regulation CFR Part 1910.1030 requires notification that this category may have a high risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Hepatitis B vaccine, training, and personal protective equipment will be provided. All positions require the ability to work in the presence of noxious odors and offensive sights involving human remains.
Physical/Sensory Requirements:
  • Incumbents are required to: lift and carry objects weighing up to fifty pounds; traverse rough, unimproved terrain on foot; work in extremes of heat, moisture, and humidity; properly wear required safety clothing/equipment; perceive the full range of the color spectrum, and accurately focus photographic lenses.

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Posted: October 20, 2023

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