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Forensic Scientist I - Criminalistics

Massachusetts State Police, Maynard, Massachusetts

Salary: $59,650.50 - $86,840.26 per year

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

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Through a formal training program, incumbents:
  • Complete comprehensive training in current methods and techniques used to conduct chemical and biological laboratory or on-site tests including, but not limited to, analyzing biological specimens and organic and inorganic substances; preparing solutions to be used in testing; and operating laboratory equipment. Upon the completion of training, maintain proficiency in applying established protocols and procedures, including, but not limited to, administrative, quality assurance, quality control, safety, and test-specific methods/protocols as outlined in laboratory manuals and directives.
  • Train to established protocols and procedures to 1) Determine the presence and collection of biological evidence (i.e., blood, semen, skin cells, saliva, urine, and feces) and trace evidence (i.e., gunshot residues, hairs, fibers, paint, and glass) by examining submitted evidence (e.g., clothes, weapons, sexual assault kits), perform Y-screening when applicable 2) Prepare reports on laboratory tests and 3) Communicate results to the customer. Engage in practical application of learned methods and procedures for performing on-site scene processing to properly document, collect and transport evidence to the laboratory for further analysis and to analyze chemical and biological samples for the purpose of yielding probative results.
  • Handle chemicals and prepare solutions as necessary, taking appropriate safety precautions.
  • Conduct quality control testing on equipment, reagents, and solutions to determine suitability for use in casework.
  • Calibrate laboratory equipment by following documented procedures and laboratory protocols, ensuring that equipment is functioning within the operating parameters set for achieving valid test results and analytical outcomes. Adhere to quality assurance measures and accreditation standards as mandated by all applicable rules, policies, protocols, and procedures
  • Provide testimony as an expert and/or material witness in court and/or at formal judicial hearings to explain the methods used, the results of testing, provide appropriate opinions, demonstrate scientific procedures, and explain other job-related functions.
  • Assist with validation studies.
  • Conduct administrative review of casework.
  • Undergo periodic reviews to affirm that training benchmarks are being met and to satisfactorily complete all proficiency and competency tests required to successfully complete the training program.
Through formal training incumbents at this level develop the decision-making authority to:
  • Determine that reagents and solutions are suitable for use in testing and analytical processes per laboratory protocols and quality control standards.
  • Determine that laboratory conditions and equipment are suitable for conducting tests and analytical processes per the laboratory quality assurance guidelines.
  • Determine if chain of custody protocols for handling evidence have been followed or violated in order to report violations to supervisory personnel.
  • Decide that appropriate scientific outcomes have been reached in order to submit test results and findings for review.

 Earn a Degree in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science, Computer Forensics or Forensic Psychology


  • Applicants must have a Bachelor?s degree in the natural sciences, including Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Forensic Science, Pharmacology or Physics
  • AND
  • Must successfully complete on-the-job training to attain full competence as a forensic analyst in a designated forensic science specialization within one year of the date of hire.

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Posted: May 17, 2023

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