Employment Opportunity

Evidence and Property Technician

Jonesboro Police Department, Jonesboro, Georgia

Salary: $31,408 - $39,832 per year

Final Filing Date: May 13, 2022

This is an administrative position that works under the general supervision of the Police Administration Division Supervisor. This employee is responsible for all departmental equipment and supplies, as well as all property/evidence that is held in civil and criminal cases. This position is responsible for processing and maintaining all records relating to arrested juvenile persons including fingerprints, photographs, and other related material. This position also maintains fingerprints and photographs on adults and juveniles as required by Jonesboro Police Department Policy.

This position works under the general supervision of the police Administration Supervisor. The job functions are clearly understood and need no explanation in carrying out the essential functions of the position. Supervision is given for special projects or requests are made. This position requires a high degree of accuracy in processing identification information, criminal backgrounds of citizens, and in the handling of drugs, firearms, money, and other property that is brought into the department. Errors or mistakes in the identification of mug shots and fingerprints can have serious consequences and possible lawsuits to the city.

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  • Creates, processes and files all fingerprints were taken by the Jonesboro Police department. Submits to GCIC fingerprints within 24 hours of arrest. Also responsible for issuing fingerprint picture ID records to individuals with high-security occupations. Submits records to GCIC as needed.
  • Conducts investigations when issuing or assisting City Hall with special permits that require background checks. Approves/disapproves permit requests based on the results of the background investigations. Maintains files for each permit issued.
  • Checks the quality of the fingerprints to ensure that all information is correct, and patterns are clearly visible.
  • Checks all prints for accuracy and correct all mistakes and notify the supervisor if mistakes are in the computer or if the quality of the print is poor.
  • Checks all property/evidence entered into computer databases and notifies supervisors of corrections needed.
  • Conducts investigations into the background of those individuals requesting special permits. Records approved applications into the computer. Maintains business files on businesses that are permitted. Works closely with the Jonesboro City Hall.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating records of all businesses that have been checked for underage alcohol sales. Works with “sting operations” by sharing information on past violators of underage alcohol sales. Provides fingerprint services for the public for employment, adoption, etc. Also provides fingerprint services for all newly hired City of Jonesboro School Teachers and Municipal Court personnel maintaining all paperwork, GBI, and FBI returns for each teacher as well as sending all original results to the Jonesboro City School System for their files.
  • Assists other agencies (i.e., FBI, OCU, MCS, etc.) with fingerprinting information. Assists the training unit of the police department with new hire paperwork, including GCIC/NCIC background checks, fingerprinting and photographing of applicants, and submission of returned fingerprint checks to Georgia P.O.S.T.
  • Maintains a computer record of the number of permits and walk-in fingerprint cards issued.
  • Submits monthly, quarterly and annual reports regarding the position to appropriate supervisors.
  • Compiles, maintains and issues all departmental equipment and supplies.
  • Maintains evidence and other property seized or held by the department until final disposition.
  • Prepares court orders for Superior Court authorizing disposal of all evidence/property, as authorized, when a case has been completed.
  • Testifies in court regarding chain of custody.
  • Coordinates evidence for court by working with necessary people. Creates copies of video and audiotapes for court and members of the public requesting same.
  • Maintains and records chain of custody on all property/evidence taken into department. Maintains a computer database of all property and evidence.
  • Logs and stores incoming evidence/property routinely and notifies owner of personal property that is to be returned to owner.
  • Coordinates with others on property that is to be sent to auction and makes sure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed before transporting the property to the warehouse.
  • Orders and inspects all materials for department to verify specifications are met and maintains access to department facility keys.
  • Maintains an updated computer database of all departmental equipment and supplies, supplies and capital items purchased.
  • Works daily with officers issuing equipment and uniforms.
  • Stocks all uniforms and equipment for department.
  • Maintains updated, accurate files that are easily accessible.
  • Performs other related functions as assigned.

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  • Associate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Must have at least three years of related clerical or administrative experience.
  • Ability to type 30 words per minute.
  • Ability to learn court procedures.
  • Working knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances in the disposition of firearms and evidence/property.
  • Skill in operating a personal computer and other modern office equipment.
  • Knowledge of procedures relating to identification and fingerprinting. Skill in taking and comparing fingerprints. Skill and accuracy in entering data into the city’s computer system.
  • Ability to use the computer in filing and retrieving information. Knowledge and skill in using digital photographic equipment include the ability to take and assemble employee picture identification cards (ID’s).
  • Ability to become GCIC certified within one year of hire. Must maintain GCIC certification requirements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Ability to read criminal histories and other related documents.
  • Ability to pass a fingerprinting classification course as needed.
  • Ability to work with public in processing fingerprints, picture identification records and processing property.
  • Ability to compile and maintain records of all properties within the department.
  • May be required to pass a drug screen based on assignment.
  • The Chief of Police assigns work in terms of departmental goals and objectives. The work is reviewed in terms of the effectiveness of meeting objectives.
  • The need for accuracy and effective utilization of available resources is high. Errors in judgment could cause disruptions to the City’s mission and adversely impact the attainment of the City’s goals.
  • Contacts are with an assigned supervisor, co-workers, city employees, occasional suspects/arrestees and the general public in order to give and receive and process information.
  • Employee works in an office environment, normally seated, but routinely leaves the workstation to process evidence and complete fingerprinting responsibilities.
  • Must be able to manipulate hands and arms to lift light books, boxes or files weighing no more than ten pounds and operate a computer keyboard.
  • Required to make court appearances when necessary.
  • This position spends most work time within the Jonesboro Police facilities; may occasionally ride with sworn officers in transporting evidence as needed.
  • Must also be able to occasionally work after regularly scheduled hours as assigned.

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Posted: April 20, 2022

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