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Crime Laboratory Analyst - Biology/DNA Database

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee and Tampa, Florida

Salary: $50,948.00

Final Filing Date: May 23, 2022

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  • Conducting independent, complex, and detailed analysis to screen for the presence of various bodily fluid stains and other biological material;
  • Developing DNA profiles utilizing modern extraction techniques and real time qPCR as well as capillary electrophoresis and computer software; and
  • Making comparisons between evidentiary and known profiles, utilizing probabilistic genotyping software and interacting with CODIS.

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  • A bachelor’s or advanced degree in a biology, chemistry or forensic science-related area from an accredited college or university with completion of at least 20 credit hours in biology or chemistry-related coursework graded at a “C” or better. A minimum of 9 credit hours in college coursework (graduate or undergraduate level) graded at a “C” or better covering the subject areas of biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (molecular genetics or recombinant DNA technology) is required. Applicants must also have successfully completed coursework covering statistics and/or population genetics. If courses are not specifically named molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, or statistics (or population genetics) on the transcripts, then a course description from the university for the period the course was taken must be provided with the application and a syllabus for the course must be available upon request to be considered for the position.
  • Knowledge of the terminology, principles and analytical techniques used in the analysis of physical evidence as it applies to the forensic laboratory;
  • Knowledge of the procedure for packaging, handling and preserving evidence;
  • Skill in the use of scientific laboratory equipment;
  • Ability to analyze results, formulate conclusions and present findings verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to give sworn testimony as an expert witness in court; and
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

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Posted: April 14, 2022

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