Employment Opportunity

Forensic Technician

Nebraska State Patrol, Lincoln, Nebraska

Salary: $18.34 Hourly

Final Filing Date: May 11, 2022

This position is assigned responsibilities for the tasks related to the management of the tenprint and palm print repository of the Nebraska Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). These responsibilities involve various complex technical functions related to the forensic analysis of fingerprint and palm print impressions through the electronic and manual processing of submissions to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the database for the State of Nebraska, and indirectly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This position performs difficult, non-routine fingerprint and palm print image examination, interpretation, classification, analysis and identification and applies the laws, rules, and standards governing this process. This position also captures fingerprints and palm prints for the public, performs comparisons, and analyzes and verifies fingerprint and palm print images submitted for background checks and questioned identities, and provides instruction to the public and partnering agencies on the proper method of taking legible tenprint and palmprint impressions and completion of various fingerprint cards.

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Examples of Work
  • Interpret, analyze, identify, classify, and verify fingerprint images through scientific methodology. - Scan, descriptor, and enter criminal and non-criminal fingerprint and palm print cards into Nebraska’s AFIS.
  • Process and correct fingerprint and palm print images for quality by resolving all image errors, low minutiae, missing images, non-sequential image errors, and poor quality resolution prior to FBI submission.
  • Confirm and verify image identification or non-identification against an AFIS generated list of potential fingerprint matches, closely conducting a complex comparison of each image.
  • Conducts statewide training to criminal and non-criminal agencies on the proper techniques of obtaining quality fingerprints and palm prints, and completion of various fingerprint cards. May assist in the training of others in the performance of similar work.
  • Respond to fingerprint image requests from law enforcement agencies for investigative reasons and court case documentation; create and disseminate certified copy of fingerprint image documentation upon request.
  • Provides technical assistance and fingerprint and palm print image quality feedback to agencies using computerized fingerprint input devices and LiveScan machines.
  • On a limited basis, fingerprint the public for civil application purposes (foster care, teaching license, etc.) and individuals registering for Sex Offender Registration purposes. Contact with individuals registering for Sex Offender Registration purposes will also require DNA collection via buccal swab. Method of fingerprinting includes both traditional ink method and LiveScan machine.
  • Attends symposiums, workshops, trainings, in-service training programs, and staff meetings to learn new concepts and further knowledge in the field.

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  • Post high school coursework, training, or experience in evidence preservation/collection/processing procedures and in basic automated database/spreadsheet software applications.
  • OR
  • Two years’ experience in maintaining records related to stores keeping, materials handling, supplies delivery/inventory including experience in basic database/spreadsheet software applications.
  • OR
  • Associate’s degree in criminal justice, natural/health/laboratory applied sciences, paralegal studies, or related disciplines.
  • Regular and reliable attendance is expected. If selected for this position, you must meet the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services employment eligibility requirements by completing an EEV (I-9) Form. The agency does not sponsor H1-B Visa's. Must successfully complete an extensive background screening prior to being employed which includes completion of a Personal History Questionnaire. Applicants will be screened for a record of criminal activity and criminal history using a fingerprint-based check, and before unconditional employment is offered. Applicants must be free of felony convictions, and cannot maintain continuous association or dealings with persons, groups, or organizations that they know, or should know, are persons or groups or organizations under criminal investigation or indictment or who have a reputation for present, ongoing involvement in felonious or criminal behavior. Selection process will include an interview followed by a short written exam. Upon selection for this position, applicants are required to attend hands-on training provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation-Criminal Justice Information Services Division as soon as training accommodations can be made with the Federal Bureau of Investigation-Criminal Justice Information Services Division. The hands-on training provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation-Criminal Justice Information Services Division includes proper techniques on taking legible tenprint fingerprints, palm prints, and full exemplars. This training also includes proper techniques on how to complete various fingerprint cards and hands-on fingerprint impression comparison training. This training is typically five days in length (40 hours), requires overnight travel, and may require flying as a mode of transportation. Upon selection for this position, applicants are required to attend an instructor development training. This training is typically five days in length (40 hours), requires overnight travel, and driving an agency issued vehicle (within the state and/or out of state). Vision correctable to a range to allow the identification of greyscale and differing fingerprint patterns, core and delta regions of each finger, make correct ridge counts for each individual finger, and viewing of data displayed on a computer terminal or on printed material.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • KNOWLEDGE OF: the Henry Classification System; National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Fingerprint Classification System; the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS); ACE-V Scientific Methodology; rules of evidence; the processing of criminal cases through the criminal justice system; LiveScan technology and the use of ink to capture all fingerprints; AFIS record removal practices and procedures; basic forensic latent fingerprint concepts; alphabetical and numerical filing systems; modern office practices, procedures, and equipment.
  • ABILITY TO: accurately analyze, compare, verify and identify correct pattern interpretations, minutiae plotting, core and delta placement, and add alternative classifications as needed; work with minute visual detail; perceive differences in fingerprint impressions; sit and view fingerprint and palm print images on a computer screen for extended periods of time; capture legible and quality fingerprint and palm print images from individuals upon request via LiveScan, or ink if needed; provide technical assistance to law enforcement, governmental agencies, and non-criminal justice agencies regarding the result of searches or basic information; communicate effectively with agency civilian employees, sworn officers inside and outside the employing agency, employees of other law enforcement agencies, representatives of the judicial and criminal justice community, defendants, and civilians from various State of Nebraska agencies; speak and conduct training in front of a large audience; establish and maintain effective working relationships with members of the law enforcement community and with the public; prepare certified copies of fingerprint image documentation; provide insight, expert knowledge and feedback to business process improvements and standard operating procedures; test and participate in new AFIS enhancements and features; provide quality customer service; read and comprehend standard operating procedures and follow written procedures; work with material that may be sexual in nature relating to criminal activity (e.g., written material and/or verbal language); drive agency issued vehicle (pool car); handle restricted and confidential information in a professional manner and maintain the information as such.
  • SKILL IN: operating a Nebraska AFIS workstation and scanner; operating LiveScan machine; operating computer terminals and office equipment; entering and retrieving information and data from agency computer databases using computerized records system; entering alphanumerical data; reviewing documents to determine errors and omissions.

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Posted: April 27, 2022

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