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Crime Scene and Evidence Technician

DeSoto Police Department, DeSoto, Texas

Salary: $49,546.56 - $72,337.98 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous

The purpose of this position is to respond to crime scenes and collect and store evidence. This is accomplished by documenting scenes; measuring and processing evidence; examining items for trace evidence; packaging and transporting evidence; completing ancillary tests; taking samples; and packaging, transporting and storing all evidence. Other duties include documenting, retaining and destroying evidence and transporting as required.

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Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Collects evidence of crime scenes by documenting scenes through photos, videos and diagrams, measuring, processing evidence for fingerprints, examining items for trace evidence, packaging and transporting evidence, collecting shoe and tire impressions, completing gunshot residue tests on suspects, performing presumptive tests for semen and blood, taking samples when necessary, and transporting evidence.
  • Processes evidence by developing film; handling related evidence; photographing results; checking fingerprints; preparing diagrams, evidence logs, wound charts and firearms forms; copying information and writing reports.
  • Maintains equipment and supplies by cleaning and preserving equipment; stocking supplies; and reviewing inventory.
  • Confirms identities by collecting DNA and fingerprints; researching information and databases; writing and testifying if required.
  • Maintains evidence by preparing and maintaining evidence logs, obtaining court orders, completing papers for final disposition of property, maintaining all records of operations, maintaining documents on asset forfeiture property, providing security for property or evidence, preparing and maintaining logs and tapes, assisting in preserving, packaging and transporting materials from crime scenes, weighing and measuring narcotics, dubbing audio or video tapes for court, testifying in court, and cleaning the property room and packaging area.


  • Completion of an Associate‚Äôs Degree in criminal justice, forensics or related field from an accredited post-secondary institution or equivalent
  • PLUS
  • One year of experience collecting, processing and storing evidence
Supplemental Information:
  • Knowledge of generally accepted administrative procedures and practices
  • Ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing, with co-workers, the public, and elected and appointed officials
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret complex materials, budgets and related documents
  • Skill in the operation and use of standard office software which includes databases and presentation programs, along with standard Microsoft products

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Posted: January 11, 2022

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