Employment Opportunity

Evidence Intake Technician

Ohio Attorney General's Office, London, Ohio

Salary: $20.96 - $26.44 per hour

Final Filing Date: January 27, 2022

The Ohio Attorney General's Office is currently seeking a public minded individual for an Evidence Intake Technician vacancy in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Section within the laboratory. This position will report to the London, OH office every day.

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The duties for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Processes and preserves (e.g. intake, storage, chain of custody) all evidence and property submissions (e.g. latent prints, blood, urine, drugs, weapons, petroleum products, alcohol, clothing, glass, hazardous and/or bio-hazardous materials) collected from crime scenes or hazardous situations submitted to laboratory by internal and/or external law enforcement officers to aid in criminal prosecutions (i.e., evaluates evidence receipt form for incoming evidence submissions to ensure key information is not missing (e.g. suspect, officer, agency and collector name, sealed containers, chain of custody, date, time, location of incident) and reports discrepancies to supervisor and completes discrepancy report for review with supervisor and examines evidence submissions (e.g. ensures containers are sealed and not leaking blood, urine, free from glass and/or exposed needles and repackage when applicable and ensures evidence matches property control form) in accordance with ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAIB), Ohio Department of Health, internal control procedures and laboratory best practices to ensure the integrity and safety of evidence handling).
  • Utilizes laboratory information management system to document evidence and property intake activities (e.g. verifies classification and accuracy of entries, enters updates and/or corrections, maintains history of evidence submissions and releases).
  • Examines, verifies and validates (e.g. reviews court orders, case numbers, defendant name, lab number) requests for destruction of evidence and/or property in accordance with internal control procedures and laboratory best practices to ensure the integrity and safety of evidence disposal and ensures all records and related paperwork concerning evidence disposal, release and/or handling is accurate and completed in accordance with ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAIB), applicable state statutes and departmental policies and procedures and generates computerized reports of movement and handling of evidence.
  • Represents laboratory and/or acts as liaison with county, city and/or state courts and/or prosecutor’s offices in order to respond to inquiries via phone, fax, in person, and written and/or electronic correspondence received from various statewide entities within the law enforcement community (e.g. county courts, prosecutors, and internal and/or external law enforcement personnel) regarding evidence results, submissions, testing, procedures, fees, instrument maintenance and support and maintains crime lab calendar (e.g., subpoenas, court assignments).
  • Testifies before courts concerning integrity of evidence, chain of custody, quality control audits and other evidence related matters.
  • Participates in special projects to streamline or improve laboratory evidence intake policies/procedures.


  • Formal education in arithmetic that includes calculating fractions, decimals and percentages and in reading, writing and speaking English; 12 months experience working in a forensic laboratory, biology, medical office laboratory or chemistry laboratory, law enforcement agency or legal environment; 6 months training or experience in inventory control (e.g. receiving, storing and dispensing of materials).
  • OR
  • Equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.
Unusual Working Conditions:
  • May be exposed to hazardous chemicals, human body parts, explosives, bio-hazardous materials (e.g., blood, urine); may require travel.

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Posted: January 10, 2022

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