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Forensic Scientist 1 - Chemistry Analyst

New Mexico Department of Public Safety, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Salary: $42,719 - $74,331 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous Job Opening

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  • As a Forensic Scientist 1 Chemistry Analyst, the selected candidate will be provided on-the-job training related to performing analysis of controlled substance evidence with the intended goal of providing enough training and tenure to perform independently as a case-working Chemistry Analyst. Upon successful completion of all training, and demonstrated and sustained competent performance, the incumbent will be responsible for independently collecting, classifying, identifying and analyzing controlled substance evidence related to criminal investigations.
  • The position is responsible for producing formal reports that accurately identify and analyze physical evidence to determine their significance to the investigation; present the results, conclusions and expert opinion in the scientific analysis of the controlled substance evidence; provide expert witness testimony regarding their findings in courts of law throughout the State of New Mexico; perform Quality Assurance / Quality Control to assure quality analysis, evidence integrity, and maintain accreditation standards as well as continue training to develop competency and proficiency in their area of specialization, specifically chemical analysis for this position, as required.


Ideal Candidate
  • The Ideal Candidate would have a bachelor's degree or higher degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Forensic Science or Molecular Biology. The Chemistry Analysts must have successfully passed and completed at least twenty (20) credit hours of college-level chemistry coursework.
  • The Ideal Candidate would have prior work experience and working knowledge in the following:
    • Determining the identity of an unknown substance
    • Conducting tests to measure concentrations of controlled substances
    • Writing laboratory reports
    • Retrieving, analyzing and comparing unknown substances
    • Experience in testifying in a court of law
Minimum Qualification
  • For Chemists, a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry or in Biology or Forensic Science which must include a minimum of 20 credit hours of chemistry coursework.

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Posted: January 27, 2022

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