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Forensic Trainee

Omaha Police Department, Omaha, Nebraska

Salary: $20.84 - $25.49 per hour

Final Filing Date: February 1, 2022

This is trainee work in the field of criminal identification. Work involves receiving on-the-job training regarding all tasks performed by Forensic Investigations and performing less complex, repetitive tasks, as well as testifying in court regarding evidence gathering. Instruction and supervision are received from the shift supervisor or designee.

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Detailed responsibilities:
  • Assists in performing all phases of crime scene investigations: searches for, collects, and preserves physical evidence of crime scenes and accident scenes; performs latent fingerprint searches; photographs crime scenes; makes diagrams of crime scenes; takes plaster casts and impressions; and obtains gunshot residue and DNA swabs for analysis
  • Performs identification checks on suspects
  • Administers breath alcohol concentration tests after obtaining a Class B permit to administer breath alcohol concentration tests from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
  • Assists in performing fingerprint identification and classification, prepares reports of findings, and notifies a supervisor and an officer in the Criminal Investigation Bureau
  • Assists in collecting and preserving evidence at autopsies, including photographing wounds and injuries, fingerprinting, collecting hair, fiber, clothing, and other samples, reviewing the nature of injuries with pathologists, and preparing reports of findings
  • Assists in preparing composite pictures of suspects; interviews witnesses or victims; photographs and develops identity codes; and disseminates likenesses of the suspects
  • Maintains regular job attendance in accordance with a schedule established for the position by the supervisor
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation dictates within the scope of this classification


Education and Experience: (The knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through, but are not limited to, the following combination of education and/or experience.)
  • Bachelors degree
Special Qualifications:
  • Must possess a valid motor vehicle operators license.
  • Must be available to work flexible hours, weekends, holidays, and overtime.
  • Must obtain a Class B permit issued by the Nebraska State Department of Health and Human Services to administer breath alcohol concentration tests.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to obtain Level I Crime Scene Certification from the International Association for Identification (IAI) within two years of employment.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of and ability to operate a computer or other technology using standard or customized computer or systems software applications appropriate to the assigned tasks
  • Ability to learn the Henry Fingerprint Classification System
  • Ability to learn the techniques of operation for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and the Next Generation Identification (NGI)
  • Ability to learn and apply methodical and comprehensive crime scene documentation and evidence preservation techniques
  • Ability to learn and follow the policies and procedures of Forensic Investigations and the Omaha Police Department
  • Ability to learn to work effectively with the Douglas County Courts, Federal Courts and other local area Courts as needed regarding case work, trial preparation and testimony
  • Ability to learn to work effectively with other law enforcement or public safety agencies as the situation dictates
  • Ability to learn and apply safe handling techniques for hazardous materials and biohazard substances
  • Ability to develop skill in the use of various still and video cameras
  • Ability to develop skill in taking and classifying fingerprints
  • Ability to develop and demonstrate competence in friction ridge development and identification techniques
  • Ability to develop skill in the techniques necessary to prevent contamination of evidence and crime scenes
  • Ability to develop skill in the use of breath alcohol concentration testing instruments
  • Ability to develop skill in drawing crime scenes and using computer aided design (CAD) software
  • Ability to operate a standard typewriter and computer
  • Ability to develop court testimony skills
  • Ability to develop skill in the preparation of precise and comprehensive crime reports
  • Ability to safeguard confidential and sensitive information regarding investigations and analytical results
  • Ability to effectively communicate with Police Department employees, the public, victims, and witnesses
  • Ability to understand oral or written instructions
  • Ability to learn and adapt to advances in computer and electronics device technology and software
  • Ability to adhere to safety policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Ability to stand and walk from 76 to 100% of the time; to reach from 51 to 75% of the time; to bend, stoop, and squat from 26 to 50% of the time; and to climb, balance, kneel, crouch, crawl, push, and pull from 0 to 25% of the time
  • Ability to move objects weighing up to fifty (50) pounds from 0 to 33% of the time; objects weighing up to twenty (20) pounds from 34 to 66% of the time; and objects weighing up to ten (10) pounds from 67 to 100% of the time

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Posted: December 29, 2021

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