Employment Opportunity

Forensic Evidence Technician

Massachusetts State Police, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Salary: $50,406.46 - $69,887.22 Yearly

Final Filing Date: Open until filled - first consideration will be given to those applicants that apply by August 16, 2021.

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Incumbents perform the following:
  • Receive, log, weigh, process, package, record, store, retrieve and otherwise handle forensic evidence submitted to the crime laboratory or satellite laboratories in conformance with established procedures for scientific analysis, including firearms, biohazard materials, toxic narcotic items, latent prints, items for fingerprint and footwear impressions, and volatile, flammable, incendiary and/or explosive materials.
  • Determine the proper category for submitted forensic evidence items, such as Bomb/Arson,Criminalistics, Crime Scene Services, or Toxicology.
  • Determine the appropriate status of the case, i.e., new submission, supplemental submission or resubmission, using information provided by the submitting agency and laboratory guidelines to ensure correct intake of forensic evidence.
  • Assign identification numbers and log items of evidence into laboratory information management systems.
  • Dry all damp, wet and decomposed articles submitted per evidence handling protocols to ensure the integrity of evidence subjected to scientific analysis.
  • Handle other forms of forensic evidence such as firearms, broken glass, syringes, malodorous materials, body parts, bodily fluids, photographs, caustic, toxic, carcinogenic and other hazardous substances and materials in conformance with all applicable policies, procedures and protocols for evidence control.
  • Package, secure, and document all evidence containers per evidence control protocols, paying particular attention to victim-suspect evidence segregation.
  • Ensure continuity in the chain of custody of forensic evidence by following applicable laboratory policies and procedures and maintaining data in appropriate tracking systems in order to accurately locate evidence in any stage of custody.
  • Prepare receipts and pull evidence to be released to submitting agencies. Return evidence to the submitting agency after scientific analysis has been completed.
  • Process evidence or other materials for disposal and conduct periodic evidence destruction per applicable evidence control standards.
  • Monitor and track evidence as it is moved through a laboratory system for multiples examinations by scientific staff or through judicial / criminal justice proceedings. Maintain accountability for the evidence chain of custody by generating complete written and electronic documentation from initial intake to final disposition.
  • Testify in court as a material witness during criminal trials or during other legal proceedings regarding evidence control and work performed in relation to evidence control for specific cases.
  • Respond to inquiries from law enforcement investigators or attorneys regarding the status or location of forensic evidence.
  • Receive telephone and/ or written requests from law enforcement agencies for case information and handle appropriately by answering questions, taking messages, and referring inquirers to correct parties or information sources.
  • Receive visitors, including law enforcement officers, to central evidence control locations within a crime laboratory and route and direct them to appropriate parties.
  • Provide technical assistance and advice to laboratory staff and other evidence control stakeholders in order to exchange information, resolve problems, and ensure compliance with established policies, procedures and standards for evidence control. Provide scientific personnel with information on cases to aid in forensic evidence analysis.
  • Provide technical assistance and assist with the training of law enforcement officials and other requesting parties on the correct packaging, preserving, and submission of forensic evidence.
  • Perform routine office support duties such as processing mail, typing letters and memoranda, photocopying, faxing, filing, participating in inventory counts, ordering unit supplies and materials, maintaining paperwork and assisting with special projects pertinent to evidence control as assigned.
  • Complete data entry relative to evidence submissions and prepare related hard files and records.


Minimum Entrance Requirements:
  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate from an accredited institution or governmental unit.
  • Incumbents are required to have a current and valid motor vehicle operator’s license at a class level specific to assignment.
  • Additionally, Forensic Evidence Technicians must have the ability to obtain and renew a Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm, including Class A Large Capacity Firearms.

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How to apply: Apply online

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Posted: August 4,2021

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