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Investigations Technician

Elkhart Police Department, Elkhart, Indiana

Salary: $50,000 per year

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

Assist officers with the processing of crime scenes and evidence by responding to crime scenes, documenting scenes, collecting and packaging evidence, photographing, video and diagramming scenes and assisting with the evidence processing in the crime lab.

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  • Major responsibilities require consistent attention and commitment to the agency’s mission.
  • All assigned duties and tasks expected to be performed in an effective, efficient, and safe manner.
  • The technician must accept the responsibility to support and promote the organization’s mission and comply with its directives.
  • The technician’s personal conduct and behavior must be such that it promotes and does not bring disrepute or unnecessarily endanger the public’s trust or confidence in the agency or its members.
  • This position requires a high level of problem-solving ability, self-initiative and the ability and willingness to work a majority of the time without direct supervision.
  • Must be capable and willing to make decisions that are consistently in line with the agency’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Major crime scene processing: photographing & videotaping, crime scene sketch & measurements, evidence collection, forensic processing, body removal, scene preservation, making determination as to length of time that the scene is held, making necessary arrangements for this to take place.
  • Attend ECHU case autopsies: verify security of body, photographing, collection and documentation of all clothing and personal property of deceased, collect serological standards, verify identity by visual and fingerprints, document all injuries and collect evidence.
  • Collected evidence processing: Processing of CID Technician Evidence using visual evidence, determining best method for enhancement of forensic evidence, execute processing method, documentation of processing with written report, photographic record, collection of forensic results, and properly secured evidence and results. Also must process evidence collected by other officers and detectives, verify that proper collection and securing methods were used and follow above described process.
  • Preparation and delivery of evidence to forensic laboratories: determination of which items are sent to the laboratory and which laboratory to send them to i.e. Narcotics, Forensic Evidence or Other Evidence, assure that proper packaging methods were used, complete a laboratory request form for each case, deliver items to laboratory, and pick up of evidence once examined.
  • Verify all evidence / property turned in properly documented and packaged. If improper, notify appropriate supervisor of corrections needed, catalog and make determination of storage location, transferring of evidence / property from one storage location to another, research court cases to see if evidence can be disposed of, properly dispose of evidence / property, and transport or transfer evidence for court purposes.
  • Evidentiary Photo System: Perform administrative duties relating to the continuing maintenance of the DIMS digital photo system and serve as a technical support contact for uniform technicians using the system. Use the DIMS system to export photos for investigative or court use. Be proficient in the use of imaging technologies including Adobe Photoshop for image enhancement and creation of investigative images and courtroom exhibits.
  • Video: Use of the forensic video analysis system for duplication and/or enhancement of analog or digital video evidence for investigative or court use, assist investigators with viewing of videos.
  • Identification: Forwarding of fingerprints to certified analysis facilities for subject identification, training of civilian personnel in the proper taking of fingerprints.
  • Write reports by including all relevant information concerning incident to use in the courtroom, and following accepted report format.
  • Data transfers (ex. Photo stills from surveillance video)
  • Firearms – collect test fires and transfer/transport to SBPD Lab
  • On-call duty (rotation with other technicians).
  • Complete requests and research for the Office of the Prosecutor or other outside agencies, including copying DIMS, DVDs, CDs, Axon, and other videos/evidence, certificates of analysis from the State Lab,
  • Transport evidence to the ISP Labs.
  • Latent print processing.
  • Assist with any and all CSI processes at the direction of the Unit Supervisor
  • Assist with maintaining inventory and security of the unit and crime scene vehicle(s).
  • Sterilize drying cabinets, evidence truck and other equipment as needed.
  • Assist with EPD auction.
  • Evidence destruction (requires research and documentation).
  • Document scanning
  • Court Room Testimony: Testify in court to the processing and evidence collection at major crime scenes, to evidence room procedures and chain of custody, and to laboratory requests, delivery, examination and pickup of evidence.
  • Other duties directed by Supervisors


  • Must have a valid Indiana Drivers License.
  • Degree in forensic science or experience as a Crime Scene Technician
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GEC equivalent
  • Meet certification requirements with IDACS-NCIC
  • Logical thinking to solve problems.
  • Ability to read, write, interpret, and verbally give or demonstrate work Instructions.
  • Patient with long hours required during evidence collection at complicated crime scenes.
  • Must have tenacity for detail.
  • Must be willing and able to learn new job related computer skills.
  • Must have the ability to withstand the process of autopsy and collecting the subsequent evidence.
  • Incumbent is walking, bending, standing, stooping and crouching daily and occasionally lifting heavy objects (up to 50 lbs.)
  • Clarity of vision with or without correction.
  • Ability to work long hours (i.e. crime scenes)
  • Working conditions are indoor and outdoor and vary by shift. Mental alertness is very important because of the need to make critical decisions concerning personnel and their operations. Work performed in a 40 plus hours per week.
  • The City of Elkhart is a Drug Free Workplace. Therefore, a post offer, pre-employment drug screen is required. Random drug testing may be conducted after employment.

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Posted: July 15, 2021

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