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Laboratory Technician 2 - DNA

Washington State Patrol, Tacoma, Washington

Salary: $3,535.00 - $4,627.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: Continuous (The first review of applications will be June 10, 2021)

This position provides maintenance, administrative and quality assurance support to the DNA and other sections of the crime laboratory. This position works with forensic scientists and administrative staff on a daily basis to complete quality control of reagents, instrument maintenance, ordering of supplies, cleaning of the laboratory and other assigned duties.

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Primary Duties:
  • Perform and appropriately document DNA extraction, quantitation, amplification, CE detection, and data analysis of non-probative reference materials for quality assurance purposes.
  • Prepare reagents and assist in maintaining chemical inventories.
  • Perform and document quality control checks of critical reagents and supplies.
  • Perform and appropriately document procedures to maintain a clean laboratory environment, prevent contamination, and ensure laboratory safety.
  • Assist in COVID-cleaning precautions laboratory-wide
  • Perform and document instrument and equipment maintenance, performance checks, sensitivity monitoring, and calibration schedules.
  • Participate in and appropriately document temperature monitoring processes, including unit maintenance and periodic NIST calibration checks.
  • Receive and participate in refresher training as outlined in the training plan.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures in the relevant manuals and stay current with all manual updates.
  • Participate in validation projects, data entry, and/or data analysis as needed.
  • Provide administrative assistance as requested by the supervisor.
  • Ordering of supplies and monitoring of inventory.
  • Perform electronic data backup and archival.
  • Coordinate biohazard waste disposal.
  • Perform weekly, monthly, and periodic safety checks and procedures and document as appropriate (eye wash, fire extinguishers, showers, first aid kits, fume hoods).
  • Accompany repair technicians throughout the laboratory as requested by supervisor.
  • Monitor defense consultants when visiting controlled laboratory spaces.


Required Qualifications:
  • Associate's Degree in biology, chemistry, lab technology, micro or molecular biology.
  • A working knowledge of basic laboratory tools such as pipettes and balances.
  • Ability to understand and practice the principles of laboratory safety.
  • Basic computer skills necessary for word processing, data entry, data management/analysis and imaging.
  • Must be able to travel throughout the state for meetings, training and provide assistance as required.
  • Must have a Washington State driver’s license or be able to obtain one within 30 days of employment.
  • Must be willing to provide an oral DNA sample to be used in the CODIS Elimination Profile Index.
Our ideal candidate also has the ability to:
  • Understand, operate and maintain scientific instruments and equipment.
  • Review, edit and proofread their own work and the work of others.
  • Demonstrate the scientific foundation necessary to assimilate relevant training.
  • Adapt approach, goals and methods to achieve successful solutions and results in an environment of changing needs, conditions, and work responsibilities.
  • Work cooperatively in a team setting.
  • Progressively assimilate and apply the knowledge and skills required to perform their assigned duties.
  • Demonstrate a sound work ethic and the ability to apply a process improvement approach. This is demonstrated by reliable attendance, efficient use of time, staying focused, taking initiative, and making efforts to critically evaluate their work processes.
  • Informatively and effectively interact with other individuals including internal and external organizations.
  • Give and accept constructive criticism and receive direction from analysts, supervisors, trainers and management.
  • Demonstrate self-motivation in assigned duties and in personal career development.
  • Brings an ethical attitude to the job, demonstrated by a strong sense of justice, fairness and honesty.

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Posted: June 2, 2021

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