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Automated Fingerprint Identification System Examiner (Forensic Technician)

New Mexico Department of Public Safety, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Salary: $24,980 - $43,465 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous Job Opening

The purpose of the position is the analysis of criminal and applicant fingerprint cards to determine acceptable quality fingerprints to conclusively determine an individual's identity.

Why does the job exist? The job exist for analysis of criminal and applicant fingerprint cards to determine acceptable quality fingerprints to conclusively determine an individual's identity. The incumbent may reject poor quality submissions and provide training or reorientation to obtain clean and clear impressions. The job exists to classify fingerprints using the Henry and the National Crime Information Center fingerprint classification systems. It also exists to perform known-to-known comparisons from ten print cards and computer-generated candidate lists; examines and classifies fingerprint cards of arrested individuals; and, processes electronic fingerprints and manual fingerprint cards. The job exist to conduct training on fingerprint and LiveScans to law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, including fingerprint techniques and technical troubleshooting on the electronic fingerprinting system. This job will also help coordinate the New Mexico Applicant Processing System (NMAPS), which includes troubleshooting issues with the vendor, addressing questions from the Civil Applicant contributors and working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to resolve questions and issues.

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How does it get done?
  • Provide quality assurance of criminal fingerprint card submissions taken from Law Enforcement Agencies using image processing and enhancement tools.
  • Perform analysis on fingerprint comparisons with latent prints and identify victims. Analysis is performed by either visual inspection or system search and purge.
  • Process incoming QC prints for verification and validation.
  • Produce certified fingerprint cards as requested by criminal justice agencies.
  • Conduct training for Law Enforcement Agencies, Detention Centers, and Civil Applicant Providers on how to take identifiable fingerprints and perform quality control of fingerprints taken. Training is provided at the customers site location and state wide as well. Quarterly trainings are held to train law enforcement and civilians at the Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Ensure all systems are operational and downtime is coordinated so as not to interfere with the daily bureau operations. Having open communication with the vendor engineer to ensure transactions are being processed by the state and the FBI.
  • Process consolidations through AFIS from FBI Triple I messages as needed by the bureau. Consolidations will also be coordinated with the Triple I Program Manager to ensure the entire process is completed through both the AFIS and CJIS systems.
  • Process incoming fingerprint cards as needed. Assist with the criminal and applicant fingerprint cards scanning process.


The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:
  • Candidates will have experience exercising good judgment, problem solving, attention to detail, and making reliable decisions using critical thinking skills.
  • Candidates will be self-starters, self-motivated individuals with experience working in a team environment.
  • Candidate will have experience with State and Federal laws related to fingerprinting and record keeping.
  • Candidate will be a natural public speaker who can lead training and orientation of clients throughout New Mexico.
  • Candidate should have sound communication skills - written and oral, and the ability to modify communication message to reflect audience.
  • Candidate should have organizational skills, shepherding projects through conceptual, development, executions and monitoring stages.
Minimum Qualification
  • High school diploma or Equivalency. For positions in the Forensic Laboratory, one (1) year experience in general clerical work and computer operations. For positions in the Law Enforcement Records Bureau, one (1) year experience in general clerical work and computer operations.

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Posted: May 3, 2021

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