Employment Opportunity

Crime Scene Technician III

Shreveport Police Department, Shreveport, Louisiana

Salary: $44,138.64 per year

Final Filing Date: May 7, 2021

The Crime Scene Technician III role is responsible for police crime scene response, examination, documentation, processing, evidence collection, and forensic reporting and analysis. This role requires an Associated Degree. The Crime Scene Technician III is to have received and maintained an International Association for Identification (IAI) certification as a Certified Crime Scene Analyst for not less than one year, and continuing throughout duration of active employment status. Additionally, this role requires the Crime Scene Technician III to work in-office and on a rotating on-call basis; and to be skilled in photography, report writing, and computer-aided diagraming; and in communicating effectively with law enforcement officers, investigators, and laboratory scientists. Further, this role demands an exceptional level of attention to detail, maintenance of case files, expert testimony, handling of sensitive and/or classified information, and professional integrity and ethicality.

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Under the supervision of a Police Lieutenant (or designee), the position’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Being comfortable working with law enforcement officers, investigators, administrators, laboratory scientists, and related professionals
  • Handling sensitive and/or classified information pertaining to criminals, victims, and associated investigations
  • Documenting crime scenes via photography, video recording, crime scene diagrams, and other means
  • Composing detailed crime scene and evidence collection and processing reports
  • Providing expert courtroom testimony
Working in an on-call capacity; on a rotating schedule
  • Processing crime scenes and items of evidence for fingerprints
  • Packaging and transport of evidence collected from crime scenes
  • Transferring items of evidence to forensic laboratories
  • Collecting and storing digital evidence
  • Collecting DNA samples from persons suspected of crimes
  • Maintaining the proper care and use of high-value forensic tools and equipment
  • Using scientific techniques to process items of evidence for forensic investigative purposes
  • Processing movable and unmovable structures and vehicles for evidence pursuant to search warrants
  • Maintaining annual training credits and requirements necessary to maintain IAI certification as a certified crime scene investigator
  • Willingness and ability to train others in crime scene investigative techniques and practices
  • Assessment of the work of employees of lower classification for purposes of providing expert testimony and the directing of law enforcement efforts related to the same


  • An Associate’s is preferred to be in a related forensics or law enforcement fields of study
  • Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in related forensics or law enforcement fields are preferred.
  • International Association for Identification (IAI) certification as Certified Crime Scene Analyst
  • Experience in digital photography, with ability to produce quality images in various extreme lighting conditions (direct sunlight, low light, rain, etc.)
  • Experience in using computer-aided diagramming tools to produce two-dimensional diagrams and/or images
  • Experience in detection, development, collection and preservation of latent fingerprints
  • Ability to prepare detailed reports under deadlines; and to provide courtroom testimony with exceptional public and professional communication skills
  • Valid state driver’s license
  • Candidates with forensic and/or law enforcement experience are highly preferred
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS - Candidates should be able to:
  • Safely lift 40lbs without assistance
  • Be able to stand, stoop and squat for extended periods of time
  • Be flexible enough to reach, stoop and crawl as a crime scene dictates to search for and recover evidence
  • Be able to safely climb a ladder or stairs and not possess a fear of heights and confined spaces
  • Office work with occasional field work

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Posted: May 1, 2021

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