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Forensic Services Technician

Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Salary: $39,769.60 - $58,281.60 per year

Final Filing Date: May 16, 2021

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  • Forensic Services Technicians/Specialists (Crime Scene) perform work in the recognition, collection, documentation, preservation and processing of physical evidence associated with criminal activity under investigation; process crime scenes; develop latent finger and palm prints at crime scenes and on evidence recovered at crime scenes; identify and recover all forms of evidence, coordinating forensic laboratory submissions of evidence for further analysis; document crime scenes, using note-taking, sketching, measurements, photography and laser scanning; prepare reports and supplemental documents; and testify in court.
Shift Requirements:
  • Forensic Services Technicians work shifts including nights, weekends and holidays. Shift bids are accepted every three months from employees and shift assignments are made based on the operational needs of the department, seniority within level, and consideration to the employee's bid request. In other words, employees are assigned to the same regular work schedule for three month intervals. Typically, a new employee can expect to spend the first few years of their employment on the evening or midnight shift with days off during the week (rather than the traditional Saturday/Sunday weekend).
  • The Forensic Unit is staffed by 12 crime scene technicians and coverage must be consistently maintained. For this reason, at times technicians will be required to work on other shifts to fulfill operational needs. When possible, advance notice is provided, but there are periodic situations (about once a month) when a shift change may be required on the day of the request. Obviously, there are a number of variables that impact operational needs such as employee turnover, annual leave requests, unexpected illness, crime trends, etc. The information provided here is based on past experience in an effort to describe the most likely scenario for a new employee.
Career Progression Opportunities:
  • Forensic Services Technician is the entry level position. Applicants selected for the Forensic Services Technician position will be eligible for career progression to the Forensic Specialist I position classification (10% pay increase) upon demonstrating competency and proficiency in processing crime scenes independently (typically in about two years). There is an additional career progression opportunity to Forensic Specialist II for those employees who continue their study and training in a specific discipline (bloodstain pattern analysis, video/audio examination, shooting incident documentation/reconstruction, etc.) and are prepared to be recognized by the court as an expert witness in that discipline, and obtain certification as a crime scene investigator or comparable certification in a specialty discipline.


  • Forensic Specialist I (G.21; Starting Salary Commensurate with Qualifications, $43,888.00 - $52,665.60): Any combination of education (above the high school level) and/or experience equivalent to five years as an evidence technician, forensic specialist, crime scene investigator or related position.
  • Forensic Services Technician (G.19; Starting Salary Commensurate with Qualifications, $39,769.60 - $41,758.08): Any combination of education (above the high school level) and/or experience equivalent to three years as an evidence technician, forensic specialist, crime scene investigator or related position.
  • Must have, or obtain, a current and valid Virginia or North Carolina driver’s license in accordance with Virginia or North Caroline DMV driver’s license eligibility requirements.
  • Successful completion of a police background investigation, including polygraph exam.
  • Medical approval from the candidate’s primary care physician is required prior to employment.
  • Must be able to work shiftwork (days/evenings/midnights) including weekends and holidays and be available to work overtime when required to meet operational needs.
  • This position requires incumbents to wear and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to, safety glasses, gloves, or other designated safety attire and equipment in designated areas of risk.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in forensic science, who have experience as a crime scene technician or who have completed a volunteer internship (100 hours or more) with a law enforcement agency in a forensic capacity.
  • International Association of Identification (IAI) or comparable certification as a crime scene investigator and experience developing latent finger and palm prints and experience testifying in court are desirable.
  • Strong communication skills; detail orientation and organizational/time management skills are essential.
  • Photography and computer literacy skills are highly desirable.

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Posted: May 1, 2021

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