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Crime Scene-Evidence Technician

San Marcos Police Department, San Marcos, Texas

Salary: $19.14 - $23.93 Hourly

Final Filing Date: May 5, 2021

Processes and maintains evidence and property on behalf of the City’s Police Department; reviews evidence and determines necessary laboratory testing; tracks and returns evidence to owners; prepares and maintains various types of evidence records; researches and prepares evidence for disposition: develops latent prints; conducts fingerprint comparisons; responds to crime scenes; gathers and processes physical evidence at crime scene; photograph and document crime scenes and other related duties. The police department operates 24 hours a day and assigned schedules may vary. This position is subject to after-hours call out.

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  • Performs intake and stores all property and evidence collected, seized or kept by the police department assuring a continuous chain of custody from collection through final disposition; maintains all records related to property and evidence; determines analysis needed and delivers evidence to court, laboratories, prosecutor’s offices and other locations; coordinates return of property/evidence to owners; researches cases for disposition and prepares items for destruction, auctions or conversion of ownership; provides digital evidence to the district attorney’s office for discovery.
  • Assists the Crime Scene/Evidence Supervisor with planning, organization, storing, and processing evidence and property in accordance with State laws, City Ordinances and Department policies and procedures.
  • Responds to crime scenes, gathers and processes physical evidence, photographs and sketches scenes and physical evidence; assures that evidence is collected and stored according to policy; collects evidence at scenes through latent print development, trace evidence detection, DNA evidence collection and other specialized procedures.
  • Writes specialized reports related to chain of custody, evidence disposal and crime scene documentation; provides testimony in court regarding chain of custody and crime scene processing and documentation.
  • Provides assistance to all PD divisions regarding correct evidence packaging and handling procedures, processes and the use of the evidence tracking program; conducts training for department personnel regarding property/evidence and evidence tracking program;
  • Examines and identifies latent prints; Assist investigators in obtaining fingerprint and DNA samples.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or required.
  • Assists with educational presentations.
  • Determines the correct storage method(s) for various types of evidence.
  • Determines eligibility for evidence submission and appropriate packaging for laboratory submission, determines eligibility for evidence and property disposal, determines resources and actions needed at crime scenes.


  • Associate’s Degree or 60 college hours in Criminal Justice or related field required.
  • Two years crime scene/evidence or law enforcement related field experience is required.
  • Commensurate combination of education and experience to successfully perform the job may be considered.
  • Experience or training in crime scene investigation, latent print processing, latent fingerprint examination, forensic photography, Texas laws regarding evidence and courtroom testimony is preferred.
Required Certifications. Candidates not possessing required certifications must obtain within the stated timeline.
  • Basic evidence technician certification (or higher) from T.A.P.E.I.T (Texas Association of Property Evidence Inventory Technicians (required within one year of hire).
  • IAI (International Association of Identification) crime scene certification required within 18 of hire.
  • Maintain knowledge of laws and developments in the fields of evidence collection and property management as well as best practices in the field.
  • Must be able to read and comprehend policies & procedures and federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the processing and maintenance of evidence, criminal code/software manuals, and laboratory reports; must be able to prepare evidence records and reports.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills are required; must be able to maintain positive working relationships with law enforcement personnel, the District Attorney’s Office, crime laboratories, vendors, and the general public.
  • Must understand proper protection, handling, and disposal of hazardous and biological materials.
  • Must be able to follow instructions, policies and rules; analyze information and formulate quick, effective and reasonable response and ability to support/explain reasoning for decisions.
  • Utilize resources effectively, demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Physical requirements include lifting up to 25 pounds occasionally. Subject to vision, hearing and talking constantly; standing, sitting, walking, handling and fine dexterity frequently; lifting, carrying, reaching, kneeling, crouching, bending, twisting, climbing and balancing; pushing/pulling, crawling and foot controls rarely.
  • Working conditions involve exposure to crime scenes, graphic evidence, guns, knives, hazardous chemicals and infectious diseases.

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Posted: April 21, 2021

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