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Identification Lab Specialist

Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, Nebraska

Salary: $28.34 - $36.20 Hourly

Final Filing Date: April 11, 2021

This is complex technical work obtaining and examining a variety of evidence in the operation of the Forensic Identification Unit of the Police Department. This is a civilian position.

Work involves analyzing, classifying and filing, and identifying fingerprints; processing evidence for latent prints and DNA; operating the Nebraska AFIS and Federal NGI computer systems; writing reports on latent print identifications and other forensic processes; preparing and giving expert witness testimony; and maintaining the Digital Imaging System and evidence files and records. General supervision is received from the Identification Lab Manager with work being reviewed in the form of reports, conferences and effectiveness of services provided. Supervision is exercised over volunteer employees assigned to the Identification Unit.

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  • Obtains legible fingerprints and palm prints from both living and deceased individuals using ink, powder or the departments LIVESCAN system.
  • Obtains latent fingerprints from a variety of surfaces; determines the most appropriate method to visualize and capture latent fingerprints on evidence utilizing various chemicals, powders, and photographic techniques to develop latent fingerprints.
  • Evaluates, classifies and searches fingerprints according to recognized identification standards; compares fingerprints for identification of individuals; operates the Nebraska AFIS and FBI’s NGI computer systems for both ten print card entry and latent print entry, and performs comparisons from suspect candidate lists received from these entries.
  • Prepares and gives testimony as an expert witness by maintaining credentials in latent fingerprints and other forensic disciplines as needed, such as DNA, Questioned Document Analysis, Shoeprint Comparison, and Video Analysis; by writing concise and detailed reports including opinions and creating court charts which demonstrate these opinions; keep up to date on current OSAC federal standards relating to evidence by reviewing current literature.
  • Operates and maintains the DataWorks Digital Imaging System (mug shot system); orders supplies and equipment needed to maintain and upgrade the system.
  • Instructs and trains Police Officers, recruits, jail staff and other groups as a Certified Instructor, in the proper procedures, methods and techniques used to locate and recover latent fingerprints from crime scenes and obtain legible fingerprint ten-print cards from suspects.
  • Participates in blind proficiency testing completed by Collaborative Testing Service, an independent testing laboratory, that monitors and certifies laboratories in latent prints and other forensic disciplines.
  • Instructs laboratory personnel in the use of photographic equipment, in the development of photographs, and in the proper use of hazardous chemicals, enlargement techniques, films and papers.
  • Instructs laboratory personnel in the use of photographic equipment, and in the proper use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Orders, stores, and uses hazardous chemicals appropriately and safely for the processing of evidence.


Minimum Qualifications/Necessary Special Requirements:
  • Associate Degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in forensic science, criminal justice, the natural sciences or related field.
  • Two years of experience in fingerprint identification in a law enforcement agency or criminology laboratory; or any equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the desirable knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • Maintains credentials to be court qualified as an expert witness for fingerprint testimony.
  • Must not have any felony convictions; nor any misdemeanor convictions involving perjury or false statements.

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Posted: March 29, 2021

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