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Forensic Technician

Yuma Police Department, Yuma, Arizona

Salary: $47,182.93 - $66,056.02 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous

Under basic supervision, provides specialized processing and collection of forensic evidence, professional photography of crime scenes, and fingerprint collection and analysis for the Yuma Police Department (YPD); performs a variety of technical tasks in the analysis, tracking, handling and safekeeping of crime scene evidence.

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  • Identifies, collects, processes, and preserves crime scene and accident scene evidence to aid in criminal and civil prosecutions; identifies, collects, secures, and takes legal custody of fingerprints, fluids, fibers, tracks, and other trace evidence; performs crime scene duties under supervision of YPD Officers; duties may vary according to job assignment.
  • Thoroughly documents crime scene details using specific techniques and procedures, and specialized technical equipment; photographs and measures the crime scene, documenting location of all evidence, and other important objects and details.
  • Photographs evidence, persons, collateral areas, and secondary scenes; collects surveillance videos from ancillary sites for supporting documentation; processes and converts a variety of film and digital media.
  • Collects, develops, preserves, compares, classifies and files latent fingerprints.
  • Documents all handling of evidence and property, documents legal chain of custody, and maintains integrity of evidence according to state laws and YPD procedures.
  • Collects, packages, processes, and transfers evidence and property, following special YPD processing procedures; documents evidence collected, and maintains the chain of custody; enters and updates data into computer system; transports crime scene evidence to property and evidence control unit.
  • Writes detailed crime scene and photo log reports, activity logs, case files, and technical reports.
  • Prepares technical documentation and evidence for court, and testifies in court as needed.
  • Assists other YPD personnel, and other law enforcement and multi-jurisdictional agencies to utilize forensic evidence to identify criminal activity and resolve criminal cases.
  • Supports the relationship between the City of Yuma and the general public by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with citizens, visitors, and City staff; promotes the City goals and priorities, vision, values and the "Yuma Way", and complies with all City policies and procedures.
  • Maintains absolute confidentiality of work-related issues and City information; performs other duties as required or assigned.


Education, Training and Experience Guidelines
  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or related field; AND one year of experience in crime scene processing, latent print development, and fingerprint comparison;
  • OR
  • An equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

  • Must pass a polygraph examination and background check.
Knowledge of:
  • City policies and procedures.
  • State and Federal laws, regulations and statutes, governing management of crime scenes.
  • Rules and standards for collecting, preserving and securing physical evidence at a crime scene.
  • Principles of crime scene management, and specialized technical equipment to collect forensic details.
  • Principles and practices of photographing and documenting crime scenes.
  • Police radio, dispatch and communication protocols and procedures.
  • Safe work practices and occupational hazards in crime and accident scenes.
  • Geography, roads, and landmarks of City and surrounding areas.
Skill in:
  • Documenting crime scene details, and collecting and preserving evidence.
  • Packaging and organizing numerous items of evidence in an orderly fashion for storage and retrieval.
  • Collecting, processing and preserving crime scene evidence.
  • Latent fingerprint recovery, processing, classification, analysis and comparisons.
  • Care, maintenance and safe operation of crime scene tools and equipment.
  • Photographing, processing and analyzing film and digital media using specialized equipment and computer software.
  • Maintaining accurate evidence records and generating special and periodic reports.
  • Working as a team member with other law enforcement and multi-jurisdictional agencies.
  • Following and communicating verbal and written instructions.
  • Operating a personal computer utilizing standard and specialized software.
  • A valid Arizona State Driver's License is required.
  • Terminal Operator Certification for access to Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS) and Arizona Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS, completion of FBI Latent Print Development training and Crime Scene Investigator training is required within one (1) year of hire; additional technical training and certifications may be required for some incumbents.
  • Work is performed in a standard office environment and in the field at crime scenes.
  • Required to bend, reach, stoop, and lift objects; may be exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals, infectious diseases, water and air borne pathogens, and body fluids.

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Posted: January 26, 2021

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