Employment Opportunity

Forensic Scientist I, II, III

Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, Texas

Salary: $47,826 - $74,278 per year

Final Filing Date: February 5, 2021

A Forensic Scientist job is available with the City of Fort Worth Police department in the Biology Unit. The forensic biologist would be responsible for examining physical evidence, performing serological analysis, performing DNA testing, interpreting results, preparing lab reports, reviewing case files, and/or presenting results in court.

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Forensic Scientist I
  • Perform routine forensic work conducting casework related to the investigation of crimes. Receive training in higher skill level duties and perform forensic examinations under close supervision.
  • Process crime scene evidence with forensic detail; analyze and compare evidence to known standards.
  • Support the law enforcement community in the investigation of crimes by receiving and maintaining forensic chain of custody; prepare reports that documents findings; provide expert opinions in scientific specialization to investigators; and provide expert witness testimony regarding forensic findings in a court of law.
  • Work with chemicals and other hazardous materials. As training progresses, scientists are expected to exercise independence and good judgment.
  • Perform proficiency testing and quality control and maintenance of instrumentation.
Forensic Scientist II
  • Perform all essential duties and responsibilities of a Forensic Scientist I.
  • Collect, preserve and maintain integrity of evidence in the laboratory; examine evidence; accurately documents description and condition of items; maintain chain of custody for evidence.
  • Perform technical reviews, as assigned.
  • Determine proper testing techniques for each item of evidence.
  • Perform a series of complex analytical examinations utilizing biology, chemistry, physics and/or molecular biology theories, where applicable.
  • Ensure conformance to good laboratory practice and quality standards; maintain a healthy and safe working environment and proper disposal of waste; perform maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment.
  • Interpret examination results and prepare detailed reports on laboratory test results and examinations performed; form conclusions based on test results.
  • Consult with and/or provides training to detectives, outside agencies and prosecutors to provide scientific information relevant to the investigation and analysis of evidence.
  • Testify in court as an expert witness.
Forensic Scientist III
  • Perform all essential duties and responsibilities of a Forensic Scientist II.
  • Perform additional Unit responsibilities such as maintaining inventory, ordering supplies, calibrations, and outsourcing.
  • Lead and successfully complete more complex special projects assigned and approved by the Unit Supervisor and Forensic Science Division Manager, prior to promotion to a Forensic Scientist III. Assigned projects will benefit the Unit, Lab, or Department.
  • Maintain records of more complex evidence sampling, analysis and examination.


  • The candidate must have a Bachelor’s or advanced degree in a biology-, chemistry-, or forensic science-related area with successfully completed coursework (undergraduate or graduate level) in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and statistics and/or population genetics. The scientist shall have a minimum of 9 semester hours (or the equivalent) that cover the subject areas of biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology.
  • The candidate must also meet additional specific coursework requirements as required by the Texas Forensic Science Commission, as well as the FBI Quality Assurance Standards. The incumbent will be hired as a Forensic Scientist I, II, or III based on his/her education, experience, and training in serology, DNA testing, report writing, and technical review.
  • Forensic Scientist I –No experience required.
  • Forensic Scientist II - At least three (3) years of relevant independent discipline-specific casework experience as a qualified Forensic Scientist I (or equivalent) is required.
  • Forensic Scientist III - At least five (5) years of more complex independent discipline-specific casework experience as a qualified Forensic Scientist II (or equivalent) is required.

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Posted: January 7, 2021

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