Employment Opportunity

CSI Watchdog

Lynn Peavey Company, Lenexa, Kansas

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

Job Position: CSI Watchdog – “One who advises and takes care of their flock.”

About Us: We have been making products for crime scene units, police property rooms and crime laboratories around the world for the past 40 years. No, not light bars, sirens and handcuffs. But products like evidence packaging, labeling, fingerprinting, narcotics identification, DNA and various kits. Our website is HUGE…offering everything under the sun for crime scene related fields and aficionados at www.lynnpeavey.com.


  • As a Lynn Peavey Company Watchdog, your job is very broad reaching and all stems from friendly, constant communication, either on the telephone, email or in-person. You will be expected to make sure that current customers nationwide feel appreciated and taken care of. You need to make sure they are aware of other products/solutions we can help them with. And, in time, listen to their ideas for new products, and work to get them developed and marketed to help make the job of a CSI easier, better or faster. Taking care of “your flock” can be a full-time position to say the least.
  • If that isn’t enough, you may (once you get the hang of things) be expected to reach out and try converting prospects into customers. Walk before we run, right? (Shhhh…that’s where the real money is if you are curious.)
  • In short, this is a sales position. But it is also a customer service position. The best of both worlds!


Technical knowledge is preferred, but we will train the right Watchdog. If you have an investigative mind, you’ll want to take this little test. Pass, and we should talk.
  • Obviously, you have an interest in forensics. So check that box.
  • Have you ever been called a social butterfly? A people person?
  • A talker but at the same time a good listener? Do you like cops? If so, check that box.
  • Got experience? In say, a customer service, communications, sales or a law enforcement environment?
  • Manage your time well? Working on a team with a common goal? Check that one too.
  • How about some gumption about you? Some real dedication and perseverance?
  • A self-starter? Do you gwear wellh over time? Check.
  • Think you can comfortably talk about blood and guts 8-hours a day? Just kiddingc
  • The law enforcement world is a big place. Some 20,000 agencies in the U.S. alone. Each department buys the products we make every day from someone. We make quality products with unmatched guarantees to perform. Our marketing? Unique. Fun. Original. Many of our products have been developed from the comments in the field. Go to one of our websites at www.SimplySimonSays.com. If, after watching this short video, you agree with our approach, check that box too. (Because CSIfs are people too.) Donft worry, we arenft expecting you to reach all 20,000 departments. Just a small handful. OKcso maybe a wheel barrow full.
POI ... law enforcement acronym for Person of Interest:
  • If you are still reading, good. All boxes checked? You may be a gperson of interest.h If you were just scanning this ad for our facility address, hours of operation, hourly wage and our vacation policy you probably were disappointed. (We think our pay is very competitive and the benefits are immense.)
  • Ideally, you would work out of our offices in Lenexa, Kansas. (Yea! Free coffee all day long!) Casual office attire, just bring a positive, outgoing attitude and youfll do just fine. We are supplementing our current team, so naturally we are anxious to get decisions made and add to our pack soon, so apply TODAY!

How to apply: Please send us a cover letter, your resume and your financial requirements to: Doug Peavey, President @ doug@peaveycorp.com.

Posted: December 4, 2020

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