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Crime Scene Investigator

Layton Police Department, Layton, Utah

Salary: $19.75 - $27.75 Hourly

Final Filing Date: October 30, 2020

Performs a variety of technical duties in the investigation and reconstruction of crime scenes. Assures integrity, maintenance, and tracking of all police evidence. Prepares photographs and evidence for courtroom documentation.

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  • Promotes and follows the City's mission statement, values and expectations.
  • Insures the integrity of evidence through all stages of the evidence management process, including distribution, return, destruction and/or sale of items; transports evidence to various crime labs and court rooms.
  • Helps maintain control of recovered properties; establishes inventory system; processes property claims upon proper verification of ownership.
  • Provides fingerprinting service to the general public; prints individuals for employment documents, adoption, immigration, childcare, student teachers, security, etc.
  • Directs and performs crime scene examinations to gather evidence; photographs crime scene, takes measurements and diagrams scene; collects, marks and preserves evidence; takes blood, semen and/or other specimens from crime scene for analysis; takes impressions of footprints, tire tracks, tool marks, etc.; uses miscellaneous chemicals, kits and supplies as dictated by the crime scene. Reconstructs crime scenes; searches for latent fingerprints; collects and preserves evidence; conducts examinations of documents, and fingerprints; investigates arsons. Processes crime scene evidence for latent fingerprints; examines evidence for microscopic evidence (hairs and fibers); examines and analyzes various types of drug evidence. Video tapes crime scenes.
  • Compares, identifies, and verifies latent prints and inked prints, to known inked prints.
  • Prepares specialized displays, graphs, charts, diagrams, photo enlargements, and related documentation as needed to reconstruct or describe crime scenes for court purposes and/or to interpret evidence. Writes detailed reports of work performed.
  • Testifies in court concerning evidence, chain of evidence, and crime scenes.
  • Instructs police officers and others on subjects relating to crime scene investigation. Maintains knowledge and skills on the latest evidence processing techniques through ongoing training and familiarity with forensic manuals and scientific research.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


Minimum Qualifications:
  • Graduation from an accredited university or college with an Bachelor of Science degree, with emphasis in biology, chemistry, forensic technology, forensic science, physical science, or related field, including training in crime scene investigation,
Special Qualifications:
  • Must be willing to be on call 24 hours a day.
  • Must possess a valid Utah State Drivers License.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Working knowledge of methods of evidence collection, preservation and inventory control practices; latent fingerprinting methods and equipment; various chemicals and chemical properties utilized in evidence analysis; hazards and safety practices associated with chemicals and infectious diseases; current law enforcement principles, techniques, procedures and equipment, applicable to federal, state and county laws and ordinances; applicable department rules, regulations and standard operational procedures; law enforcement terminology and practices. Working knowledge of various types of photo equipment and their operations; interpersonal communication skills and telephone etiquette. Must have basic computer skills and be able to operate a variety of standard office machines.
  • Ability to observe situations, record them and react quickly and calmly; exhibit imagination, initiative and problem solving capability in dealing with a variety of law enforcement situations; deal effectively and courteously with fellow officers and the public; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; act with tact and impartiality; perform work requiring good physical condition; must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
Work Environment:
  • Combination of field and office work: Exposure to disagreeable elements such as; heat, cold, rain, snow, offensive fumes and odors, dust, firearms, sharps, controlled substances, high intensity light including ultra-violet and lasers, hazardous chemicals, bodily fluids, deceased bodies and body parts, and other crime scene materials. Many functions of the work pose high degree of hazard uncertainty. Various levels of mental application required, i.e., memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking, creative problem solving. Continuous use of motor skills. Frequent travel in automobile required in daily performance of job duties.

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Posted: October 16, 2020

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