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Latent Print Examiner/Trainee

Pima County Sheriff's Department, Tucson, Arizona

Salary: $48,464.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous

Latent Print Examiners collect, preserve, examine and compare latent print evidence with known inked prints to establish positive identification of persons. Incumbents perform computer-assisted inked print to inked print and latent print to inked print comparisons, identifications and verifications and enter related demographic data into the Arizona Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AZAFIS).

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  • Performs computer-assisted and manual latent print to inked print and inked print to inked print comparisons, identifications and verifications; Enters latent print images and demographics from latent lift cards into computer remote workstation;
  • Performs computer-assisted latent print enhancement using digital cameras, scanners and specialized software;
  • Conducts laboratory examinations of physical evidence including weapons, explosive devices and human remains for fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, and glove and cloth impressions using powders, fumes, chemicals and laboratory equipment;
  • Photographs, preserves and secures latent print evidence;
  • Coordinates latent print evidence with other law enforcement agencies;
  • Prepares detailed fingerprint comparison displays;
  • Provides expert testimony in court and at pre-trial conferences regarding the positive identification of persons through latent print examinations and the science of fingerprint examinations;
  • Instructs law enforcement personnel in advanced techniques for developing and identifying latent prints;
  • Writes reports on scientific analyses of evidence for latent prints and other print comparisons;
  • Maintains confidential files of known suspects' fingerprints, latent prints and evidence received and processed;
  • Researches, tests, creates and refines methods for developing, processing, preserving and identifying latent prints;
  • Rolls, files and searches for inked fingerprints;
  • Participates and instructs others in procedures for processing physical evidence at crime scenes;
  • Makes post mortem identification through fingerprint analysis;
  • Provides technical supervision at the crime scene;
  • May be temporarily assigned lead responsibilities, to include AFIS Site Manager duties;
  • Create and maintain latent print Standard Operating Procedures.


Knowledge of:
  • the science of fingerprint classification and identification of persons through inked and latent print comparisons;
  • the rules of evidence;
  • hazards and safety precautions related to the chemicals and equipment used in processing evidence.
Skill in:
  • developing latent prints through the use of chemicals, powders, light and laser processes;
  • operating and maintaining fingerprint and evidence processing equipment;
  • analyzing prints to establish the positive identity of individuals;
  • communicating effectively orally and in writing;
  • computer data entry and retrieval;
  • testifying in court;
  • writing reports and preparing displays indicating factors considered in print examinations;
  • operating photographic equipment;
  • presenting information regarding print examinations to groups and individuals.


  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and completion of eighty (80) hours of formal training in latent print matters plus one-year experience in latent print-related matters.
  • (Additional relevant experience may substitute for the aforementioned education.)
  • OR
  • Current certification as a Latent Print Examiner by the International Association for Identification.

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Posted: October 15, 2020

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