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NIBIN/IBIS Technician

Washington State Patrol, Seattle, Washington

Salary: $3,535.00 - $4,627.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: First review of applications will be October 20, 2020

This job is posted continuously and will remain open until a selection is made. Application review will be ongoing, and therefore we encourage you to submit your application materials as soon as possible.

The Seattle Crime Laboratory, Firearms and Toolmarks (FATM) Section, is looking for a highly motivated, Laboratory Technician who will strive to be a nationwide leader of the lntegrated Ballistic Imaging System (IBIS) program. This position provides integral support to the Fire and Tool Mark (FATM) section by ensuring accurate, timely entry of ballistics data into NIBIN/IBIS. This data provides rapid investigational leads on gun crime violence to our customers (prosecutors, local law enforcement agencies (LEA), etc.). This position also participates (as a partner with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and explosives) in the training of Washington state LEA personnel to enter ballistics data to support complete and timely investigation of shooting incidents.

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  • Maintains proficiency of IBIS/NIBIN system by Ultra Forensic Technology Inc (UFTI).
  • Enters quality images of test fired and evidence cartridge cases into NIBIN/IBIS under protocols and guidelines established by FTI and peers.
  • Properly organizes, enters and reports NIBIN entries.
  • Reports scientific findings in the form of a written forensic laboratory report based on the interpretation of observations and correlation test results.
  • Assists user agencies with their participation in the IBIS program including test firing of firearms, creating/monitoring workflow processes, and the training of operators and administrative staff.
  • Prepares clear and concise written reports based on test results, observations, knowledge.
  • Effectively convey ideas and information in writing, using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the reader.
  • Works to establish consistency in the functional area on the workflow and reporting of IBIS cases.
  • Documents and protects evidence in accordance with current laboratory procedures, ensuring that the chain of custody is maintained.
  • Follows the mandated criteria established by the national accreditation board for forensics.
  • Performs firearm safety checks.
  • Prepares to testify in court related to IBIS/NIBIN cases.
  • Assists law enforcement user agencies to coordinate flow of IBIS evidence.
  • Ensures the NIBIN program maintains guidelines established by the MROS (Minimal Required Operating Standards) established by BATF


Required Qualifications:
  • Associate's degree or higher in biology, chemistry, lab technology, micro or molecular biology.
  • Understand and practice the principles of laboratory safety.
  • Demonstrate basic computer skills necessary for word processing, data entry, data management/analysis and imaging.
  • Willing to travel throughout the state for meetings, training and providing assistance as required.
  • Comfortable around firearms and the handling of ballistic evidence.
  • Must have a valid, unrestricted Washington State driver's license.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in biology, chemistry, lab technology, micro or molecular biology.Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the theory and working knowledge of analytical instrumentation and techniques as they relate to firearm and tool analysis. This includes, but is not limited to the following: stereoscopes and/or microscopes, weighing Balance, IBIS/NIBIN system, and other Measuring Equipment (Calipers, Tripper-pull apparatus, Chronograph).
  • Experience with basic computer systems, word processing, data management, and image processing and storage.
  • Knowledge of basic chemistry concepts to include: handling and storage of hazardous chemicals and preparation of chemical reagents.
  • Knowledge of analytical instrument software and data interpretation.
  • Knowledge of the science of controlled substance, trace evidence, crime scene, latent fingerprints, questioned documents, firearms and tool marks, and DNA.
  • Knowledge of proper evidence handling procedures.
  • Familiarity with ISO 17025 and Supplemental certification requirements.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team setting, and to effectively interact with other individuals both internal and external to the laboratory. Ability to act professionally, and treat others with courtesy and respect. Ability to give and accept constructive criticism, and receive direction from supervisors, trainers, and management.
  • Demonstrates desire to improve and advance processes.
Special Requirements:
  • Provide an oral DNA sample to be used in the CODIS Elimination Profile Index.

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Posted: October 15, 2020

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