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Fingerprint and Evidence Tech

Montana Department of Justice, Helena, Montana

Salary: $ 17.25 - 17.25 Hourly

Final Filing Date: June 4, 2020

This position offers a Training Assignment for candidates that may not meet all the minimum qualifications and would be paid at an hourly rate lower than what this position is posted at.

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  • The Fingerprint Technician’s primary objective is to process both civil and criminal ten-print fingerprint submissions through the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS).
  • The Criminal Records and Identification Services Section (CRISS) is the central repository for criminal history information and responsible for the collection, storage, and dissemination of criminal history information. Criminal records are used in a number of critical areas: issuing weapon permits; determining criminal sentences; background checks for public employment; recommendations for parole and probation; and assisting prosecutors in criminal cases. Due to the critical and sensitive nature of criminal history information, the CRISS is responsible for ensuring that it is timely, accurate and complete. The CRISS provides identification services to criminal justice and authorized non-criminal justice users.
  • This position processes civil and criminal ten-print fingerprint submissions through the ABIS. Classifies and identifies fingerprints. This position reviews all manual criminal and civil fingerprint card submissions for mandatory demographic information; examines ten-print fingerprint images on civil fingerprint submissions for pattern types, fingerprint sequence, and clarity and quality of fingerprint images. Inputs criminal and civil fingerprint transactions into the ABIS. Determines the type of transaction (i.e. criminal, civil-no fee, civil-fee required, etc.) and the reason fingerprinted (i.e. arrest, sexual and/or violent offender registration, concealed weapon permit, etc.) and codes appropriately. Manually reviews fingerprint images involving clarifying the pattern type (arch, loop, whorl or scar), setting the core and axis of each individual fingerprint image and modifying fingerprint images that are placed incorrectly or using flat images to replace poor quality rolled images


Minimum Qualifications:.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 1 to 2 years of job-related work experience
  • At hire, the incumbent must have working knowledge of and skill with general office practices and familiarity with computer systems and databases. Must be able to learn, understand and apply state/federal laws, rules and regulations related to the Criminal History Records System (CHRS), Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN), and National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) systems and protection of sensitive information. Other skills required include; the operation of electronic data processing equipment, various software applications, standard office equipment and motor vehicles.
  • Skills required at the time of hire include effective communication (both written and oral) and effective report writing skills. The incumbent must be skilled in the operation of electronic data processing equipment, software and other standard training and office equipment.
  • The incumbent should also possess the ability to understand and interpret federal and state laws, rules and regulations; to deal effectively with confidential and sensitive material; to quickly identify procedural problems and investigate any indications of system misuse; to make decisions and communicate effectively with criminal justice and non-criminal justice personnel; to plan work and estimate resources needed to accomplish assigned tasks; to exercise sound judgment in solving problems and making decisions; to produce well documented findings and communicate them effectively; to maintain effective working relationships; and to maintain a positive relationship among diverse groups.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Scientific Basics of Fingerprints: Classifying, Recording, and Comparing including the Scientific Basics of Palm Prints – Recording
  • Advanced Comparison for Ten-print Examiners

This position offers a Training Assignment for candidates that may not meet all the minimum qualifications and would be paid at an hourly rate lower than what this position is posted at.

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Posted: May 22, 2020

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