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Crime Scene Investigator I

San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, California

Salary: $76,492.00 - $92,976.00 per year

Final Filing Date: Continuous

This position may close any time, but no earlier than 4:00pm PST on Friday, March 13, 2020.

The 8252 Crime Scene Investigator I is the entry level class of the series, receiving training in collecting and documenting physical evidence at crime scenes, using appropriate scientific methods for the processing, development and comparison of latent fingerprints for identification purposes. As proficiency is gained more complex duties are assigned.

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  • Develop latent fingerprints in both field and laboratory environments, both chemically and with the conventional dusting techniques.
  • Recognize, classify, and verify inked fingerprints.
  • Use scientific methods, examine, compare and evaluate latent fingerprints, search files for comparisons with those of known suspects, both manually and by computer system.
  • Process, identify and compare latent, visible, plastic, and partial finger, palm, foot, or similar type prints or impressions through various mediums or other special equipment for the department.
  • Search for, collect, preserve and transport physical evidence such as latent fingerprints, tool marks, footprints, tire impressions and plaster cast.
  • Using forensic photography techniques, photograph victims, suspects, evidence items, latent prints, questioned documents, and other item all environmental and lighting conditions.
  • Create both manual and digital scene diagram crime scenes mapping evidence location(s) and key scene features
  • Working alone or as part of a team, respond to major crime scenes and provide specialized services in latent print processing, forensic photography, scene documentation, evidence recovery and other specialized forensic skills (blood spatter interpretation, trajectory analysis, shooting reconstruction)
  • Prepare exhibits for presentation in court; appear in court as an expert witness to testify regarding field and laboratory examination of evidence, fingerprint identification and scene investigation.
  • Attend post mortem examinations for the purpose of gathering evidence.
  • Prepare reports, diagrams and forms as required.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


  • Completion of 30 semester credits with a minimum grade of "C" or equivalent from an accredited college or university which must include at least: a course in Math; a course in English or Composition; a course in Chemistry (with laboratory sections); and a course in any Science (with laboratory section).
  • Two (2) years of verifiable full-time employment in a public jurisdiction as a fingerprint technician or equivalent verifying, classifying, and comparing 10 Print, and palm prints, operating automated 10 prints AFIS workstations, operating LiveScan systems, and serving as a basis custodian of criminal fingerprint records;
  • OR
  • Two (2) years of verifiable full-time employment in a public jurisdiction as a Latent Print Examiner/Crime Scene Investigator or equivalent conducting field or laboratory forensic examinations, documentation, processing and court presentation.
License and Certification:
  • Possession of a valid California Driver's License
  • Current certification or ability to obtain certification within two (2) years with the International Association of Identification for Certified Crime Scene Investigator (CCSI)
  • Current certification or ability to obtain certification within two (2) years with the International Association of Identification for Latent Print Examination and Comparison
  • Additional qualifying experience classifying, and comparing latent fingerprints as described above may substitute for the required education. One year (2000 hours) of additional qualifying experience is considered equivalent to the 15 semester units of college coursework in Math, English/Composition and Science.

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Posted: March 11, 2020

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