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Latent Print Examiner

Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Salary: $52,325.28 - $79,970.40 Annually

Final Filing Date: March 15, 2020

This posting is located in the Investigations Bureau of the Oklahoma City Police Department and is under the direction of an immediate supervisor. The primary purpose of this classification is to provide specialized latent print analysis, evaluation and technical reports. The Latent Fingerprint Examiner is a skilled technical classification responsible for utilizing equipment, data entry, and information management skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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  • Examining and interpreting latent (unidentified) fingerprint evidence for the purpose of identification or elimination;
  • Conducting advanced ridge-detail comparisons on latent and known fingerprints to establish identity;
  • Entering, comparing and storing latent prints in AFIS for the purpose of identification;
  • Entering and retrieving ten-prints and palm prints from AFIS or other databases;
  • Verifying the fingerprint comparison results of other technicians and latent examiner trainees for completeness and accuracy;
  • Preparing fingerprint records of various individuals by operating specialized equipment;
  • Preparing and issuing laboratory documents and reports on fingerprint-analysis findings;
  • Performing primary training of latent examiner trainees
  • Rendering expert opinion in court through testimony and graphic presentation;
  • Maintaining secured fingerprint evidence, archival records and AFIS database; and
  • Presenting fingerprint training sessions for law-enforcement officials and less experienced staff.

  • Work products are reviewed by an immediate supervisor for overall quality, accuracy, and adherence to Departmental policies and procedures.


Job Requirements
  • Knowledge of fingerprint identification technology and techniques.
  • Knowledge of graphic presentation technology and techniques.
  • Knowledge of automated fingerprint identification systems.
  • Knowledge of Ten-print Operations.
  • Skill in recording, organizing, and working accurately with large amounts of information.
  • Skill in operating specialized machines and equipment.
  • Skill in effective verbal and written communications.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.
  • Skills and ability to perform as Technical Manager.
  • Skill in providing courtroom testimony.
  • Willingness and ability to maintain accurate records and database integrity.
  • Willingness to uphold departmental standards and policies.
  • Ability to work independently and follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability and willingness to maintain acceptable standards for neatness and accept responsibility for the accuracy of work performed.
  • Ability to train new Latent Examiners.
  • Possession of a valid driver license (Operator).
  • Fully qualified employees must be able to demonstrate competency in latent fingerprint examinations, provide and maintain up-to-date training records, and complete a proficiency examination within 30 days of employment.
  • Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science or related field.
  • Two (2) or more years' experience as a qualified Latent Print Examiner working in an accredited forensic laboratory.
  • ndoors primarily, in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Subject to sitting, standing, walking, or using a telephone for extended periods.
  • Occasional contact with uncooperative or irate individuals.
  • Subject to continuous exposure to light and glare from equipment used.
  • Subject to continuous exposure to low-level noise from computers, ten-keys, copiers, faxes, etc.
  • Subject to frequent interruptions.
  • Subject to local travel occasionally.
  • Subject to working irregular hours, weekends, holidays, and overtime.
  • Subject to occasional out of state travel.
  • Subject to on-call status for court.
  • Typical City employee working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, working hours vary (may require work to begin before 8:00 a.m. and/or end beyond 5:00 p.m., and/or may require work on weekends and holidays), and are subject to change, based on the duties and location of the position and the business needs of the assigned work unit/department.
  • Hearing enough to communicate in person or by telephone.
  • Manual dexterity enough to operate complex machinery and equipment.
  • Near vision enough to identify and compare fingerprint evidence, etc.
  • Speech enough to exchange information effectively with co-workers, other law-enforcement personnel, etc. and provide expert testimony in court.

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Posted: February 13, 2020

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