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Crime Scene Investigator II / III

Parker Police Department, Parker, Colorado

Salary: $31.78 - $38.94 Hourly

Final Filing Date: February 24, 2020

NOTE: The full salary range for this position is $31.78 - $46.11. This position is full time and may require evening, weekends and holidays. On call status is required as identified by management.

This is a safety-sensitive position, exercising a high degree of discretion, trust, and confidence. The function of this position is to independently respond to crime scenes (minor and highly complex) to conduct lead forensic science investigations under little to no supervision. The investigator applies their advanced knowledge, skills and experience in the identification, collection, preservation, packaging, transportation and documentation of evidence. Forensic investigations require the use of many different evidence recording, collecting and examination techniques including: photography, videography, sketching, note taking, report writing, physical and chemical enhancement of latent, patent and plastic impressions casting shoe impressions, tire impression, tool marks, and analyzing bloodstain patterns and conducting trajectory analysis. These techniques may be conducted in the field on large immovable items or in the controlled environment of a laboratory for smaller transportable items. On occasions, a scene reconstruction and/or a 3-dimensional scene diagram may be conducted independently. In addition, the position encompasses recording and securing property and evidence as established under law, policy and procedure, and municipal ordinance. All crime scene functions and advanced laboratory duties will be for the Town of Parker and Lone Tree Police Department, through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). Testifies as an expert in courts of law.

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Crime Scene Investigator II
  • Processes basic and advanced crime scenes independently with little supervisory oversight; identifying, documenting, collecting, preserving, packaging, and analyzing crime scenes for the presence of biological evidence, friction ridge evidence, impression evidence, and other physical evidence.
  • Ability to deviate from guidelines, practices and standard operating procedures in order to conduct investigations in a sequence dictated by unique scene circumstances with minimal supervisor direction.
  • Responds to critical incident response team call outs to locate, document, collect, preserve, transport and analyze evidence.
  • Provides documentation of crime scene to include written notes, to scale photography, video, measurements, and sketching.
  • Provides crime scene processing such as shooting trajectory documentation, impression casting, latent print processing and chemical processing,
  • Ability to conduct presumptive and latent field tests for biological evidence.
  • Receives comprehensive instruction in the scientific analysis of physical evidence, develops competencies in forensic science including the laboratory techniques, methods, practices, and equipment, and is assigned basic casework.
  • Independently conducts basic processing of evidence in the laboratory using powders, chemicals, forensic light sources, and various camera lenses and filters in order to develop and preserve evidence.
  • Prepares basic, technical laboratory reports, maintains written and computer records of all tests, and consults with supervisors, investigators, and/or attorneys about findings and interpretation of results.
  • Maintains chain-of-custody for evidence by recording description of evidence, B.E.A.S.T. identification numbers, dates, times, tests performed, techniques used, and other pertinent information.
  • Operates and performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs on state-of-the-art laboratory and analytical instruments and equipment.
  • Ability to photograph and cast impression evidence.
  • Maintains proper chain of custody on evidence and proper packaging to preserve and prevent contamination.
  • Assists detectives and officers in the advanced collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Experience in testifying in criminal court as witness.
  • Attends autopsies to document injuries and collect evidence.
  • Prepares technical departmental reports of crime scene investigations and basic laboratory casework.
  • Provides basic training, education and mentoring to Police Officers and Crime Scene Investigator I on latent print processing techniques, basic DNA collection, and general crime scene investigation as needed.
  • Prepares and participates in structured training programs and trains the Evidence Technicians, Crime Scene Investigators Is, and Citizen's Academies in crime scene investigation and evidence handling.
  • Demonstrates general use of a Digital SLR camera to document crime scenes and evidence, to include skills in nighttime photography, manipulation of settings for ideal exposure and use in comparison quality images during routine laboratory casework.
  • Participates in community relation events.


  • EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science or related field and three (3) years of increasingly responsible related experience, or a minimum of six (6) years of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator I or similar field if no degree is possessed. Ability to obtain the IAI Level II certification within two (2) year after being hired if that certification (or higher) is not already held.
  • EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science or related field and five (5) years of increasingly responsible related experience or a minimum of eight (8) years of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator or similar field if no degree is possessed. Ability to obtain the IAI Level III certification within one (1) year after being hired if that certification (or other equivalent) is not already held.

  • A combination of education and experience to provide for the following knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Knowledge of property and evidence handling, storage, and security.
  • Knowledge of the operation of commonly encountered firearms, to include: shotguns, rifles, handguns, knives and other weapons.
  • Advanced skill in latent processing, evidence collection, crime scene photography, and other advanced crime scene duties.
  • Knowledge of the scientific method sufficient to be able to apply these principles to a forensic laboratory.
  • Advanced knowledge of photographic equipment and other crime scene processes.
  • Advanced skill in identifying and processing crime scene evidence.
  • Knowledge of the scientific method and laboratory processes used to analyze evidence objectively, collect data, interpret information, draw conclusions and report results.
  • Ability to pass proficiency testing in bloodstain pattern analysis, trajectory analysis and latent processing.
  • Ability to meet and deal effectively with citizens, coworkers, officials and others through written and verbal communication.
  • Ability to work effectively and exercise discretion in stressful or emergency situations.
  • Ability to testify in a court of law.
  • Ability to learn the Town's geography and street system, and use that knowledge in daily work activities and tasks.
  • Ability to maintain an on-call status as needed for coverage for both the Town of Parker and City of Lone Tree.
  • The ability to successfully complete a background check including but not limited to: drug screen, criminal history search, credit check and polygraph examination is required.

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Posted: February 10, 2020

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