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Property Control Specialist

Josephine County Sheriff, Grants Pass, Oregon

Salary: $19.37 Hourly

Final Filing Date: January 26, 2020

The property control specialist is responsible for the care, storage, and proper control of all evidence and found property seized and placed in the Josephine County Sheriff's Office property control room.

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  • Directs the retrieving, securing and releasing of property seized by law enforcement agencies. Performs future planning and development functions, manages the budget, oversees procurement activities and section audits, and develops and implements procedures.
  • The specialist maintains records of all property actions and arranges for disposal when authorized. The property control specialist shall be aware and knowledgeable of federal, state and local laws and ordinances affecting seized property and its disposition. The property control specialist is responsible for overseeing proper administrative procedure relative to the county seizure ordinance.
  • Under the direct supervision of the assigned Sergeant the position:
    • Shall initiate and investigate cases involving the misappropriation or mishandling of items of evidence or property for which the specialist is responsible.
    • Shall store and maintain evidence and other property in a manner acceptable to the court, keeping an accurate record of the chain of custody.
    • Shall deliver evidence to various agencies or persons for testing, listening, and/or prosecution, etc., as directed by competent authority and supporting documentation as may be required.
    • Return property to persons entitled to said property. If property is unreturnable and/or the owner is unknown, the specialist shall arrange to dispose of the property at public auction.
    • Occasionally directs helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, volunteers or temporary employees and may temporarily act in a higher capacity.
    • Make all arrangements for the Sheriff's public auction of disposable property and shall be responsible for depositing the monies from said auction with the County Treasurer.
    • When possible, will assist other members in identifying the owners of found or recovered properties and will assist in returning property to the owner.
    • Will destroy property that is contraband or unreturnable due to the owner being an unknown person. Will destroy property as directed by court order or when the property is illegal to possess or when the property is of no value for public sale.
    • Will develop or modify systems or procedures to better facilitate the control, handling or disposition of property or evidence being held by the office.
    • Will coordinate the handling and disposition of various properties or evidence being held by this office and that are of interest to outside agencies.
    • Will coordinate the recovery of properties or evidence being held by outside agencies and that are of interest to this office.
    • Will maintain control and direction of all property storage areas being used by this office that are located outside the courthouse building.
    • Will write request, as required by ordinance number 81-16, for the sale, destruction or retention for county agency use, of property in our custody that is not returnable.
    • Will, on a periodic basis, advise all personnel of the items they have in custody and shall request a current disposition on each item. In this area, the specialist shall have the authority to deal directly with the shift supervisor for prompt, complete replies to requests for dispositions.
    • Responds to inquiries from the public in person, over the telephone, and/or via correspondence regarding property.
    • Testifies in court as required regarding the integrity, preservation, transportation, and chain of custody of property and evidence.
    • Instructs recruits in evidence handling procedures and conducts tours of the section as required to trainees, officers, or students.
    • Provides customer service by communicating with the public, attorneys, County personnel, criminal justice agencies, and other law enforcement agencies concerning the receipt, return or status of property and evidence.


  • Not stated

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Posted: January 14, 2020

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