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DNA Technical Leader - Senior Criminalist

Tarrant County Medical Examiner, Fort Worth, Texas

Salary: $2,985.30 - $3,283.83 Biweekly

Final Filing Date: January 28, 2020

Performs complex analysis of biological samples for DNA typing in criminal casework and is accountable for all technical operations of the DNA Laboratory as outlined in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) "Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories".

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  • Performs technical review of DNA and Serology case files including evaluation of reported examinations, supporting documentation, data analysis, results, conclusions, interpretations, and disposition of evidence.
  • Performs forensic casework involving receipt and handling of biological evidence, DNA processing using industry standard methods, and interpretation of results.
  • Prepares analytical reports and provides testimony in criminal casework.
  • Reviews, revises, approves, and ensures compliance with the laboratory's DNA technical procedures in accordance with requirements of the FBI QAS for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories, the ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board, the Texas Forensic Science Commission, and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner Forensic Laboratory Services Quality System.
  • Establishes, revises, oversees and approves all validation procedures and performance verifications involving new equipment, instrumentation, or methodologies.
  • Establishes, updates, and oversees training program for new analysts, analysts requiring retraining, or training on new equipment, instrumentation, or methodologies. Recommends casework authorization for all trainees and analysts.
  • When an issue with casework is identified, evaluates and determines the authorization for ongoing DNA analytical operations for the laboratory or an individual.
  • Reviews the academic transcripts and training records for newly qualified analysts and approves their qualifications prior to recommendation for independent casework analysis.
  • Evaluates all continuing education requests from laboratory analysts, approves number of accumulated attendance hours, and ensures all analysts have required continuing education hours in accordance with accreditation and analyst licensing standards.
  • Evaluates and approves vendors for all critical supplies, consumables, and services. Approves all DNA laboratory purchases and verifies receipt and fitness for use.
  • Evaluates and approves the proficiency testing programs in the DNA laboratory and evaluates, documents, and monitors analyst performance in the program.
  • Evaluates new scientific literature involving DNA analysis, assigns required reading of pertinent information, and ensures compliance by laboratory analysts.
  • Maintains all required documentation regarding equipment inventory logs, preventive maintenance and service logs, quality control tests, and intermediate performance checks.
  • Maintains appropriate inventory of laboratory reagents, prepares new reagents, and performs quality control testing prior to use.
  • Reviews all new requests for laboratory services, assigns casework to individual analysts, and manages laboratory workflow including scheduling of rotational assignments for casework, technical review, or other required tasks to ensure compliance with administrative or court-imposed deadlines.
  • Acts as primary point of contact for internal or external ANAB, Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, and FBI QAS audit preparation and response.
  • Evaluates, establishes, and manages appropriate response to laboratory testing non-conformances including prior approval of all corrective actions taken by analysts.
  • Provides input into the annual employee appraisal process for all DNA laboratory employees.
  • Monitors and administers capital and grant budget funds.
  • Performs all other duties as required.


  • TO APPLY, must have, a Master's degree or higher in a biology, chemistry or forensic science related area and successfully completed 12 semester or equivalent credit hours from a combination of undergraduate and graduate course work covering the following subject areas: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and statistics or population genetics. The 12 semester or equivalent credit hours shall include at least one graduate level course registering three (3) or more semester or equivalent credit hours. The specific subject areas listed above shall constitute an integral component of any course work used to demonstrate compliance with this Standard. Individuals who have completed course work with titles other than those listed above shall demonstrate compliance with this Standard through a combination of pertinent materials such as a transcript, syllabus, letter from the instructor or other document that supports the course content. If the degree requirements listed above were previously waived for an individual by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) in accordance with criteria approved by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), such a documented waiver shall be permanent and portable, and the degree requirements do not apply.
  • TO APPLY, must have Three full-time years of forensic DNA laboratory experience obtained at a laboratory where forensic DNA testing was conducted for the identification and evaluation of biological evidence in criminal matters. Must have previously completed or successfully complete the FBI-sponsored auditor training within one year of appointment. Must have documented training in DNA mixture interpretation.
  • Must have a forensic analyst license as a DNA Analyst with the Texas Forensic Science Commission within six (6) months of hire.
  • Must have documented training in ISO17025 requirements pertaining to forensic laboratory operation within one (1) year of appointment.
  • Working knowledge of ISO17025 and any supplemental requirements pertaining to forensic laboratory operation including the FBI QAS Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories.
  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of applications including word processing and spreadsheet software. Familiarity with document management processes and software.
Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements
  • While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to bend, carry, climb ladders, climb stairs, encounter electrical hazards, grasp/squeeze, use hand tools, keyboard, lift between waist and shoulder, lift overhead, use material handling equipment, reach overhead, perform repetitive tasks, see color, see near, sit, encounter solvent exposure, squat, stand, stoop, talk, use his/her hands, drive a vehicle, walk, walk on an incline, work alone and with others, and work overtime.

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Posted: January 7, 2020

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