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Forensic Scientist II/III - DNA

Alaska State Crime Laboratory, Anchorage, Alaska

Salary: $4,616.00 - $5,320.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: December 27, 2019

This position is part of the Alaska State Crime Lab and a Forensic Scientist II –DNA is required to maintain and demonstrate proficiency in at least one Forensic Biology subdiscipline; either biological screening or DNA casework analysis. A Forensic Scientist III – DNA is the journeyman level of the Forensic Scientist series, and is required to maintain and demonstrate proficiency in two or more Forensic Biology subdisciplines; Biological screening, DNA casework analysis, DNA database analysis.

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Key Responsibilities of this position of Forensic Scientist II - DNA:
  • Examine and perform chemical and physical examination to analyze evidence in routine cases under supervision using selected methods, techniques, and instruments.
  • Prepare laboratory bench notes and written case reports according to established procedure.
  • Prepare findings for court presentation, depositions, and interviews. Interpret scientific legal questions; provide expert testimony on less complex cases.
  • Assist with training law enforcement personnel and other forensic scientists.
  • Participate in proficiency and quality assurance testing.
  • Receive training on peer review techniques. Engage in peer review exercises.
  • Continue training to obtain expertise in one or more areas of these disciplines. Maintain knowledge of currently used technologies and procedures through reading current literature and on-the-job training with senior laboratory personnel.
  • Testify as an expert witness in a court of law for less complex cases.
Key Responsibilities of the Forensic Scientist III - DNA:
  • Perform difficult professional laboratory analysis of physical evidence in one or more forensic disciplines.
  • Prepare and conduct quality control testing on reagents and supplies.
  • Provide expert opinion on major case reviews in specific forensic discipline.
  • Provide technical consultation services in a forensic discipline to law enforcement officers, attorneys, and other agency representatives.
  • Participate in developing and implementing training programs for other forensic scientists and agency representatives.
  • Recommend and assist supervisor in researching, evaluating, and developing new forensic techniques and methods.
  • Attain and maintain proficiency in conjunction with the ANAB standards.
  • Remain current in new technology and procedures through reading of current forensic literature and training by senior laboratory personnel.
We are looking to hire someone with the following knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience:
  • Working knowledge of biology, genetics, chemistry, and probability and statistical methods.
  • Working knowledge of the proper physical evidence collection and documentation techniques and methods.
  • Some knowledge of forensic analysis and standard laboratory testing and principles, practices and techniques.
  • Some knowledge of experimental design, controls, and standards.
  • Ability to speak and write clearly and effectively.


Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in biology, chemistry, or forensic science related studies which includes a minimum of 3 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in each of the subject categories: biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology or other closely related courses.
  • And
  • Training or coursework in statistics as it relates to DNA analysis.
  • And
  • The successful completion of the State of Alaska flexible staffing plan for the DNA discipline.
  • And
  • One year of experience as a Forensic Scientist I with the State of Alaska or the equivalent with another employer.
  • The experience and flex plan may be earned concurrently.
  • One additional year of Forensic Scientist I experience in the DNA discipline will substitute for the flex plan training.
Special Note:
  • Employees will be expected to successfully pass multiple proficiency/competency tests annually.
  • Appointments to positions in the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory are subject to background requirements per ASCLD/LAB and the Department of Public Safety. A criminal background investigation, including fingerprinting, is required.
  • Applications will be reviewed to determine if minimum qualifications are met. Therefore, all work experience the applicant is using to meet minimum qualifications for this position must be documented in the application package. Please include the employer name, your job title, dates of employment, and whether the employment was full or part-time. Applicants who submit application packages that do not provide sufficient information to demonstrate minimum qualifications are met may not advance in the selection process.
  • If post-secondary education is required to meet the minimum qualifications, you must fill in the Education section of the application. If you have not obtained a degree, please indicate the number of units completed. Copies of transcripts are required to verify educational credentials if used to meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Transcripts can be attached at the time of application or provided at the time of interview.

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Posted: November 29, 2019

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