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Forensics Specialist

Hawthorne Police Department, Hawthorne, California

Salary: $5,239 to $7,759 per month

Final Filing Date: December 6, 2019

The Forensics Specialist works under the direction of the Senior Forensic Specialist, and is responsible for performing a full range of complex and technical crime scene investigation duties which include testifying as an expert witness; performing field and laboratory analysis for processing and comparing fingerprints; and executes related work as required. THIS POSITION REQUIRES EVENING, HOLIDAY, AND WEEKEND SHIFTS.

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  • Conducts complex crime scene investigations and utilizes specialized techniques in recognizing, searching, documenting, collecting and preserving physical and biological evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, firearms evidence, and impression evidence.
  • Makes cast and impressions, including tool marks, tire tracks, and shoeprints at crime scenes.
  • Documents crime scenes utilizing digital photography, including videotaping.
  • Performs crime scene sketching and diagramming with the assistance of computer aided software.
  • Performs field and laboratory analysis of physical evidence collected at crime scenes and performs subsequent chemical processing for the detection of latent fingerprints, including laser applications such as the use of alternate light sources (ALS).
  • Produces and stores digital photography using digital image archiving software and crime scene charts and enlargements.
  • Performs latent print examinations, searches, and comparisons using Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS).
  • Performs detailed comparisons of partial and distorted friction skin evidence to known friction skin exemplars.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Requirements: Any combination of education, training, and experience to demonstrate possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform in the position is qualifying. A typical combination is as follows:

Education, Training, & Experience:
  • Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, forensic science, police science or a related field;
  • AND
  • One (1) year of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator or equivalent title at an accredited forensic laboratory, or law enforcement agency, participating in site investigations and laboratory analysis.
  • A valid California driver’s license and the ability to maintain insurability under the City’s vehicle insurance policy.

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How to apply: Applications accepted

Posted: October 7, 2019

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