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Evidence Technician

Boulder County Sheriff, Boulder, Colorado

Salary: $22.25 per hour (no benefits)

Final Filing Date: June 19, 2019

20 hours per week. Days and hours of work: Flexible, but between Monday through Friday, office hours.

Performs complex technical, clerical, and security work in the Evidence Section. Also assists the District Attorney's office and District Courts in preservation and presentation of photographic and real evidence. The Evidence Law Enforcement Tech is assigned to the Operations Division and is supervised by Detective Sergeants.

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  • Performs routine duties in security, preservation, processing and maintenance of evidence that includes secure storage and processing of evidence gathered at crime scenes; prepares evidence for presentation in court; prepares evidence for mailing or makes personal delivery of evidence to appropriate laboratories for examination.
  • Works closely with other divisions of the department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and other law enforcement agencies in evidence gathering; testifies in court if necessary.
  • Prepares reports and maintains records of work performed; forwards information to various agencies and checks for accuracy and completeness; compiles and tabulates data for records and reports.
  • Prepares court orders as needed.
  • Operates typical office equipment such as calculator, copier, and computer terminals. Operates sophisticated equipment such as the automated fingerprint identification system machine. Operates fork lift and motor vehicles as needed.
  • Serves the public by providing assistance and information of a specific nature and information involving interpretation of policies and regulations. Responsible for the return of property to victims/suspects upon case completion.
  • Trains and supervises employees and volunteers as assigned to manage tasks related to the operations of the Evidence section.
  • Maintains familiarity of all applicable policies, procedures, guidelines; keeps abreast of new developments in the field of evidence security. Reviews all new statutory laws and new case law relating to operating an evidence repository.
  • Works hours as assigned which may vary as a function of a given assignment. May be required to respond to crime scenes to assist with processing and preservation of evidence on site. Subject to call out and wearing of a pager.
  • May be called upon to develop expertise in specific functions of evidence as needed. Training will be provided.
  • Must be able to deal with information of a confidential and/or unpleasant nature.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.


  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must have valid Colorado Driver's license.
  • Good organizational skills and computer experience needed.
  • High school graduation or equivalent.
  • Three years of clerical experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Must successfully pass a complete and thorough application and background investigation.
  • Polygraph examination and drug screen is required.
  • Considerable knowledge of special office practices and procedures related to the proper handling of evidence.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to perform varied and complex clerical tasks under pressure of time and heavy workload.
  • Ability to perform arithmetic computations.
  • Ability to follow and interpret moderately complex written and oral instructions.
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment.
  • Ability to supervise and train other employees or volunteers.
  • Ability to do difficult problem solving and integration of work tasks.
Functional Requirements:
  • Vision - Dual Vision is required. 20/20 minimum, natural or corrected, in both eyes and have minimum peripheral vision of 70o in both eyes. Constantly uses vision (day and night) to read, use computers, evaluate objects, and find articles and drive motor vehicles. Constantly required to differentiate and distinguish colors, shapes, distances, and sizes of objects, scales, and people.
  • Hearing - Constantly uses hearing to communicate with people in person and on the telephone. Occasionally uses hearing to monitor police radio and personal pagers.
  • Sense of Smell - Intact. Frequently uses the olfactory sense to detect illegal and dangerous drugs, chemicals, and substances. Occasionally uses olfactory sense to detect and evaluate the presence of toxic vapors, smoke and fuels.
  • Speech - Must be able to fluently speak and understand English. Constantly uses voice to communicate with people in person and on the telephone.
  • Back and Upper Body (lifting) - Frequently lift from ground to waist objects weighing 50 pounds. Frequently carries objects that weigh 50 pounds or less up to 25 feet. Frequently uses a hand truck to carry objects that weigh over 50 pounds.
  • Hands and Arms - Frequently grasps and holds objects. Frequently types on a keyboard and writes using writing tools such as pens, pencils and markers. Occasionally uses hands to measure and mix chemicals.
  • Body Movement - Occasionally enters and exits motor vehicles. Occasionally loads and unloads cars and light trucks. Occasionally drives a vehicle with a manual transmission. Frequently works in unusual positions, i.e., kneeling, crawling, crouching, sitting, etc., for long periods of time. Frequently climbs stairs, ladders. Occasionally walks in all types of weather and ground conditions. Occasionally climbs or hikes hills and mountains. Occasionally stands for long periods of time in all types of weather conditions.

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Posted: June 5, 2019

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