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Forensic Scientist 4 - DNA

Idaho State Police, Meridian, Idaho

Salary: $63,814.40 - $69,409.60 Annually

Final Filing Date: February 11, 2019

The Forensic Scientist 4 (FS4) is an experienced scientist who serves as a supervisor as well as the DNA technical lead with ISP Forensic Services. This position manages and directs the forensic biology, DNA casework and DNA database units.

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  • To manage and direct forensic biology, DNA casework, and DNA database functions for the state of Idaho
  • Provide scientific and technical expertise in the area of genetics, forensic biology, and DNA analysis
  • Plan, organize, staff, and direct the state forensic biology programs and operations
  • Serve as a liaison between ISP and other federal, state, and local laboratories
  • Direct or perform research and validation studies to investigate and implement new methodologies
  • Coordinate with the CODIS state administrator to ensure compliance with and update Idaho DNA Database Act of 1996
  • Provide expert testimony with regard to complex DNA analysis, genetics, and relevant population statistics
  • Assist manager of forensic services in implementing ISP strategic plan
  • Develop legislative proposals, budgetary, and staffing decision units
  • Review, monitor program, and work with the Laboratory Quality Manager to ensure quality system compliance
  • Develop strategies for improved performance
  • Address policy, operational and procedural questions, and provide technical expertise
  • Provide and oversee internal training
  • Hire, train, delegate duties, set priorities, evaluate staff performance
  • Coordinate with Forensic Scientist 3 DNA Supervisor to meet staffing, budgetary, and performance goals
  • Serve as technical leader for forensic biology programs
  • Coordinate with the grant manager to develop DNA grant proposals; track and report performance measures


Minimum Qualifications
  • A masters degree in biology, chemistry, or a closely related field
    • Successful completion of a minimum of seventeen (17) semester (or 26 quarter) units of chemistry or biology related college level coursework. At least three (3) of the required credit hours listed below must be at the graduate level.
    • One course in biochemistry (3 semester units)
    • One course in genetics (3 semester units)
    • One course in molecular biology (3 semester units)
    • One course in statistics or population genetics (3 semester units)
  • Good knowledge of management and supervisory practices
  • At least three years of *qualifying work experience as an independent forensic DNA casework or database analyst in an accredited laboratory supported by appropriate training.

  • When performing DNA analysis, serving as technical lead, and where applicable, analysts shall meet the educational requirements of the Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories and Quality Assurance Standards for Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories.

  • *Qualifying work experience includes: working independently as a qualified and proficiency tested DNA analyst, planning, managing, and prioritizing caseloads, successfully engaging in independent research, evaluation, and validation activities; performing and documenting a range of examinations regarding human-DNA analysis of forensic biological samples, including difficult samples and complex mixture interpretation; providing training and consultation services to professional criminal justice and scientific audiences; and testifying as an expert regarding forensic and/or database DNA examinations.
Desirable Qualifications which will Provide Extra Credit: The following are not requirements for this position. However, if you do have qualifications/experience in any of these areas include that information in your resume:
  • B.S in biological science
  • Graduate degree in biological science
  • Experience as a technical leader in an accredited human forensic DNA laboratory
  • Certification with the American Board of Criminalistics
  • Fellow with the American Board of Criminalistics in the area of Molecular Biology
  • Experience performing audits under the FBI's DNA quality assurance standards and/or ISO 17025 standards
  • Experience using automation as it applies to the analysis of DNA samples in a forensic laboratory
  • Experience using CODIS as an analyst or administrator and knowledge of the NDIS operation procedures as it applies to DNA eligibility requirements
  • Experience using probabilistic genotyping software
  • Experience performing Y-STR analysis
  • Member of related professional organization(s)
  • ISPFS analyst and management applicant's baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree must be in a physical or biological science from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution. Degrees for Biology/DNA applicants must be in biology, chemistry or a closely related science. Acceptable institutions are those accredited by or those which have pertinent educational programs accredited by commissions or agencies recognized by the U.S. Office of Education.

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Posted: January 24, 2018

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