Employment Opportunity

Crime Scene Investigator

Illinois State Police, Illinois

Salary: $5,377.00 - $8,204.00 monthly

Final Filing Date: January 21, 2019

Under general supervision, serves as the primary specialist for processing complex crime scenes related to criminal investigations; assumes responsibilities for the evaluation of a crime scene using various types of equipment; develops, secures and packages physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison; prepares reports on the observations and activities at the scene for the federal, state, and local law enforcement agency responsible for the investigation of the crime; testifies in court regarding the findings and processing methods used at the scene; operates an agency assigned vehicle to and from the various assignments; attends training classes and conferences to maintain knowledge and skills; travels as necessary to meet the operational needs of the agency.

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  • Visually observes and processes crime scenes for physical evidence at any hour of the day or night connecting a suspect to the crime, including fingerprints, footwear impressions, hairs, physiological material.
  • Conducts in-depth analysis of crime scene evidence resulting from criminal investigations and collects all items of evidence in accordance with scientifically sound and legally approved methods.
  • Prepares reports and documents the crime scene and all associated evidence through photography and/or videography.
  • Systematically surveys the area, formulates plans of procedures, takes measurements and produces sketches of the crime scene, all evidence and other objects pertinent to the investigation.
  • Collects suitable standards for subsequent comparison with contaminations on the suspect's person.
  • Be physically capable of standing, walking, stooping, crawling, kneeling, climbing stairs, ladders and over objects; push, pull and lift deceased bodies and other heavy objects such as ladders, tool boxes and large and small vehicle parts.
  • Attends autopsies to assist pathologist/medical examiner in the evaluation of observed trauma and recovers pertinent evidence such as projectiles, casings, clothing, blood, human tissue and organs for toxicological analysis and photographs wounds.
  • Provide credible and complete testimony in criminal court cases and is crossed examined as an expert witness in preliminary hearings, inquests, grand Jury and circuit court.
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of federal and state statutes and court cases related to search and seizure.


  • Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to the completion of four years of college with coursework in law enforcement or related field.
  • Requires two years’ experience in the field of law enforcement, preferably one year in criminal investigation.
Other Experience
  • Requires extensive knowledge of the methods and techniques of observing, collecting, preserving, and interpreting physical evidence.
  • Requires working knowledge of criminal laws in Illinois and of police procedures.
  • Requires working knowledge of photographic techniques.
  • Requires ability to gain and maintain satisfactory working relationships with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, coroners, pathologists, and medical professionals and others.
  • Requires ability to report orally and in writing results of investigations made.
  • Requires ability to make detailed drawings of crime scenes.
  • Requires ability to learn and operate assigned advanced crime equipment including field maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Requires ability to be on call 24 hours a day and work in any weather.
  • Requires ability to maintain firearms qualification.
  • Requires ability to lift 100 pounds, crawl, stoop, walk, kneel, climb and push/pull heavy objects.
  • Requires ability to visually identify and describe physical evidence in oral, written and sketch form.
  • Requires a valid Illinois driver's license.
  • Prefers certification as a Crime Scene Technician, Crime Scene Analyst or Senior Crime Scene Analyst as set forth by the International Association for Identification, Crime Scene Certification Board.
  • All applicants must complete a State of Illinois, Employment Application (CMS100) which is available online for completion. 3 List either one or all of the following counties as the work location in Section 7: Will (Region 1), Tazewell (Region 3) or St. Claire County (Region 5). The work location is the location of the Crime Scene Services Command office for the associated Region.4 Residence for each work location can be anywhere within the associated Region. An “A” grade will place the applicant on a preferred hiring list. Applicants scoring below an “A” grade may retake the test in 30 days.
  • Directly related experience “benchmarks” used in the CSI grading process have been identified as law enforcement positions / jobs including:
    • Police/Law Enforcement Officer
    • Coroner
    • Forensic Scientist
    • Criminal Intelligence Analyst
    • Police Photographer
  • Applicants possessing graduate level coursework credit in related subject areas such as Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement or Police Science can substitute this coursework credit for directly related experience, as necessary, to meet or exceed the CSI experience requirement.

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How to apply: All applicants must complete a State of Illinois, Employment Application (CMS100) which is available online for completion. Questions: Contact Captain Brian Wilham via email:Brian_G_Wilham@isp.state.il.us

Posted: January 2, 2019

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