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Police Services Support Technician II – Forensics

Ellicott City Police Department, Ellicott City, Maryland

Salary: $44,428.80 - $75,379.20 Annually

Final Filing Date: September 21, 2018

Performs advanced technical level police support services work, which may include supervision, under regular supervision from a technical superior. Work involves providing civilian advanced technical support within a police related activity. Work includes responding to and examining crime and accident scenes; and identifying, collecting, recording and preserving evidence. Work may also include being responsible for the forensic field of identification, technical work in a police laboratory; operating and maintaining laboratory equipment; and preparing and analyzing evidence.

Highly skilled, technical, full-service position of forensics field services which bears the responsibility of rendering assistance in the investigation of a variety of criminal activities, as well as the scientific examination of an ever expanding assortment of evidence encountered in criminal investigations. These tasks must be accomplished with such a degree of legal correctness and scientific procedure as to allow the findings to be utilized by police personnel in the logical conclusion of an investigation and also stand up to the scrutiny of our judicial system in a court of law. To this end the collection, preservation and examination of any evidence involved is tantamount.

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  • Employees in this position will be subject to 24 hour on-call duty and overtime based on staffing needs.
  • Photography and Photo Lab:
    • Ability to use digital cameras with various filters and video cameras in various photographic situations including Crime Scene photography, Latent Print photography, and to capture, download and archive digital photography.
    • Ability to use close up/macro photography, alternate light source photography, aerial photography, one-to-one photography, night photography, natural light photography, and various lighting techniques (painting with light).
    • Print custom size enlargements, contact prints, and color and position reversals.
    • Maintain inventory and requisition supplies, file and reproduce mug photographs and perform court ordered expungements.
    • Ability to copy CDs, DVDs, and video/audio recording as required by the Records Section and the SA Office.
    • Ability to photograph departmental events and to take employee photographs for identification badges.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: Ability to identify, record, collect, package and preserve physical evidence of various types.
    • Body fluids (blood, semen, saliva, etc.) and collection of known reference samples.
    • Physical evidence including but not limited to clothing, bed linens, weapons, arson/explosive evidence, projectiles, spent casings, pry tools, tool marks, show and tire impressions (castings and photographic).
    • Trace evidence (hair, fibers, glass fragments, paint samples, gun shot residue, vacuum samples, taping samples, mineralogical and soil, etc.).
    • Fingerprints (latent, patent and elimination prints from crime victims both live and deceased).
    • Sketching (rough, finished for court presentation, forensic mapping of crime scenes, computer generated sketches).
    • Body examination. Examine, document and photograph injuries and collect forensic evidence. Attend autopsies at the Medical Examiner's Office to collect additional evidence or to establish identification.
  • In-House Processing: The ability to analyze and determine the proper method for processing submitted evidence for the recovery of latent fingerprints and other evidence thought pertinent by the submitting investigator. Ensure chain of custody is maintained.
    • Conventional processing (black or white powder, magnetic powder).
    • Chemical processing. Knowledge in the use of hazardous chemicals used in the processing of physical evidence including but not limited to safeguards, chemical mixing, and disposal, and usage thereof.
    • Cyanoacrylate fuming, dye stains, fluorescent powders, alternate light source and UV light source applications, ninhydrin acetone and petroleum ether based. Use of additional chemicals such as DFO, silver nitrate, iodine fuming, zinc chloride, physical developer, sticky side powder, crystal violet, gun bluing, ammonium and potassium thiocyanate, amido black and other blood enhancement agents. Chemical enhancement of physical evidence, including but not limited to shoe and tire impressions, serial number restoration, etc.
  • Court Testimony and Preparation:
    • Prepare concise reports, sketches and exemplars of investigations, examination and findings, for use by the sworn officers and court proceedings. Schedule and attend pretrial conference and to testify in court as required.
  • Education and Training:
    • Prepare lesson plans for use in the instruction of in-service and new recruit training programs. Instruct interns in all aspects of the Forensic Services Section. Conduct presentations and tours for community groups, schools, and law enforcement personnel. Conduct research studies utilizing new techniques, materials and equipment. Attend conferences, schools and seminars to keep abreast of new forensic technology.
  • This position has no supervisory responsibilities but may provide guidance and advice to those with lesser experience.


  • High school diploma or GED and three years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Qualified in court as an expert in crime scene processing or equivalent.
  • An Associate's degree in Criminalistics, Chemistry, Biology, or one of the Forensic Sciences.
  • Two years experience in the forensic field of crime scene and evidence processing; or Certification by the International Association of Identification as a Crime Lab Technician.
  • Strong computer skills (will use for report writing, sketches, generation of worksheets, and departmental communication).
  • Fingerprint classification and latent print certificates.
  • MILES/NCIC Authorization.
  • The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • Employees in this position must be able to climb, crawl, and stoop. Must have excellent eyesight. Must have the ability to lift a minimum of forty pounds. Must have the physical capacity to respond to crime scenes and perform all job duties.
  • The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet in the office; however, when in the field the noise level may be described as loud.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally for training and testifying purposes.
  • Must have sufficient math skills to maintain statistical data for a monthly and yearly report and measuring for crime scene sketches and mixing chemical formulas.
  • Must be able to exercise excellent judgment to adjust priorities, meet deadlines and work well under pressure.
  • Must have knowledge of the scientific principles and best practices of forensic field service work.
  • Must be able to make valid determinations concerning evidence based observations, technical procedures and use of laboratory equipment.
  • Class C Maryland Driver's License or equivalent issued by state of residence.

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Posted: September 7, 2018

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